Tuesday, October 18, 2011

George Nehme and the band - Must Watch

Not to make this a long post, I will say one thing. If you like old Lebanese songs, Fairuziyat and Ziad Rahbani music, then you must go watch this band. I saw them last Saturday and it was truly a great and amazing time. They will be playing on Saturdays at Mojo - Hamra.

I am sharing with you 2 short videos from the song Ya Zaman El Ta2ifieh, the musicians are really excellent, check out Faraj Hanna's solo. And the voice of George Nehme is quite remarkable, better than so many Lebanese singers nowadays, and on top of all that "bya3moul jaw ktir salbeh" :)


p.s. Videos are taken by Bechara Daccache :P (with his iPhone 4) - because videos I took with my HTC Desire HD, had a bad sound sadly.


  1. A post combining nightlife, art, music and tech! Impressive :P

    One word: Georges Nehme and the band are a must watch!