Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Leb is a Leb even when abroad

Walking the streets of Madrid, searching for a "taberna" to spend our evening in, someone directs this question towards us loudly:
"Buenas, hablas español?"
We ignore it, something we got used to do all evening.
Another "speak english?"
Same reaction from our side. These people try to give tourists and visitors in the small alleys of Madrid a good deal on Mojitos and Sangrias to gather as much clientele as they can. This is their job. And we learned to do our job, which is ignore them.
Suddenly, that same person said with a pinch of confidence: "bte7ko 3arabé?" In a Lebanese accent. I instinctly turned towards him and smiled. (Kibir albeh)
After some chit chat, he asks me: "Where from?" Followed after some time by "what's your last name?" Since my answer to the first question was ambiguous.
And I pondered to myself, even here? Even in Madrid I get the 3rd degree by a stranger who wants to know my sect?


  1. He asked your last name? OMG. That's just too much! So happy you decided to make it to Spain!

  2. Danielle! yes did you not see the photos ? :) miss you girl