Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Intro to QR Code in Girl Geek Camp 2

Girl Geek Camp is currently taking place in Kfardebian where the girl geekettes are learning about various techy subjects. Once again, I am very lucky to be participating in this camp as a trainer, first camp I told the geekettes about blogging, and this time it's all about QR Codes, with a pinch of Social Media, SEO for blogs and promoting a blog.

I am actually very excited to explain what QR codes are, how they are used and the whole 9 yards. This is a detailed post about QR Code I've written a while ago. Anyway, this is not the point, the point is I just used a QR code to get here to say one thing for the geekettes:

Hi geekettes! This is your first QR Code example. This is Ada Lovelace one of the first geeks ever.

Update: At first the geekettes were a bit not sure about this whole QR code scanning thing, but at the end of the session they all downloaded QR Reader application on their mobiles and started scanning QR Codes. Made my day!

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