Thursday, September 01, 2011

Future cities, spontaneous Lebanese on rooftop bars

Future Cities, a program on CNN, visits Beirut where the Lebanese "live for the moment" attitude makes itself known at night.
We Lebanese, we don't care!
After watching this video by CNN (oh joy), the only thing that came to my mind is how can we be labelled as people who live for the moment, while at the age of 22-23, the young Lebanese is compelled to think about buying an overly expensive house which he/she has to pay in installments for, for 20 or 30 years, and that is in order to secure their future with a future partner. This is in Lebanon, where the minimum wage does not cover one table reservation in Skybar (minimum charge 150$ per person, and 8 minimum per table), White Beirut or the likes.

Lebanese spontaneous? Living in the now?
There is this recurring need for Lebanese to appear as the #1 party people, the people who don't care about anything except loving life, the people who just want to live the now, here. But I wonder:
  • How can that happen, when we need to reserve a table a month prior
  • when we need to "reserve on the bar" even
  • what ever happened to "walk-in"? 
  • How can I live in the now, when I look around me, and everyone is dressed up as if they were a Hollywood celebrity. 
  • How can putting on a dress and make up for hours, be a spontaneous thing? 
  • And most of all, how can barely having one extra inch surrounding you giving you no space to move or dance freely, be fun and living now? 

White Beirut - July 2011

White Beirut "S&M performance" - July 2011

White Beirut "S&M performance" - July 2011

"Bouncer" the revenge
Worst of all, how can we live now, when we go and stand in front of the bouncer for an hour , and I am not trying to belittle the bouncer (although some should get some manners), but more like, why does he belittle me by not letting me in? How short should my dress be? How much make up should I have on? And how much silicon should be inside my boobs and my lips?

(Check last year's post about a Bouncer / Manager in Beiruf being racist to my friend's guest)

The wait in front of White Beirut - July 2011

Since when did the swimming pool become a school courtyard?
How can living in the moment, be standing in a swimming pool with your sunglasses on. Why doesn't anyone swim anymore?

Skybar and White Beirut are FUN, true that...
There is no doubt, that those ladies at skybar and white and the likes, are extremely attractive and sexy with very fashionable wardrobe. There is no doubt that the music is very energizing, pretty pumped up and can make you sweat all night, there are various performances, fire stuff and lighting.

Skybar - August 2011

Skybar - August 2011

Skybar's bar - August 2011
Awesome DJ on a Saturday night in Skybar - August 2011

But there, in my humble honest opinion, is a huge doubt when it comes to us Lebanese being spontaneous, living in the moment, living in the now.

Nop nop, I ain't a bitter person
Now don't get me wrong. I am not a bitter person who couldn't get into these places, I have gotten in and it was pretty fun. As a matter of fact, I love music, I love dancing, I love the whole rooftop experience where it's open and you don't feel suffocated with smoke or simply closed spaces. I am just trying to say: Lebanese people, I am not against all this, but at least, label it right, be sincere, say it like it is!

Showing off happiness, why not really feel it
We (by we I mean many people and not all) love showing off, we love preparing ahead, weeks and months prior, we love pretending we're rich, we love looking awesome, we love glamour... And yes Beirut is a city of life. Yet sadly, if they were really living in the moment, I bet, they would have even much more fun. I mean, shake that ass a bit, and stop pretending to be an aluminium board and worrying what other people think.


  1. sadly, everything you said is true. nothing is spontaneous anymore. everything has to be prepared beforehand, in order to be "perfect". we need to look perfect, arrive in our perfectly shiny car, to the place that is the talk of the town, so we can talk about it later and show off.

    I hate how ppl have become. I was given weird looks in hamra just for being spontaneous (like walking in the rain and playing guitar on the curb).

    loosen up ppl, enjoy your time. the best things in life are the sponatenous ones

  2. voice of reason, once again. btw, i love how asses are involved when you're in the mix :P

  3. Exactly my thoughts. You said it perfectly!

  4. Jad, this is Joie de vivre indeed (sarcasm)

    Youssef, lol only you can write such a comment

    Sarine glad you agree

  5. My friends from Beirut always presents themselves as party people, spontaneous ones. I live in central Europe. Yesterday I was at open air music concert (with them) and it started raining. But people here didn´t care, we danced in rain and mud, enjoying moment. My hair and make up were far from perfect. This I call spontaneous fun. And my beiruti collegues were amazed :) Beirut nightlife is perfect. But it´s about prestige, not about spontaneus dance-in-mud fun :)

  6. In deed! I went to a concert once in Beirut, and it rained as well. It was amazing :) makes it all perfect.

    Lebanese ppl need to chill indeed hehe

  7. Your strongest point here is that the minimum monthly wage cannot even get you a table at Sky Bar or White Beirut! Oh and that you need to book a table a month ahead order to get in! What BS! Spontaneous? Hardly! More like inaccessible! It's a so called "reality" of Beirut thati never really took part in.. Mainly coz I couldn't afford it, and the times I went, I didn't have any fun! Sigh.... Beirut is sooo much more than rooftop bars.

  8. Danielle love what you said at the end "Beirut is sooo much more than rooftops bars"! 100%

  9. People who earn minimum wage anywhere in the world cant afford a table at bars or clubs either. I think its incredibly ignorant to think that simply because you have a job you should be able to live the high life. There are things everywhere that people who are not rich cannot afford, how can you assume this is not true?

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