Tuesday, August 09, 2011

New Online Mall in Lebanon

If you're like me, someone who loves shopping online, then you will happy to hear these news.

First of all, why shop online:
  1. You get to review and compare and search and read details to your liking, preference, capacity of your mind, no noise around you, no distractions, at the comfort of your sofa...
  2. You get to do it without moving your behind
  3. And it's usually supposedly cheaper

Second of all, who's the new kid on the block? 
It's Mizalla.com (your local online mall, as they call it). First of all Mizalla has been in the neighborhood for quite some time now. Website was under construction, but their online presence was noticeable to say the least. They followed the Lebanese online twitter community, interacted with them, shared interesting links, supported online initiative and definitely focused on social media interactions, influencers and RTed (as in shared their links and works). And you cannot but appreciate such an effort.

Website is friendly, easy to use and straight forward
Now to tell you the truth, I still haven't fully performed a usability testing on the website. Call me nerdy, but having developed websites, and especially being a fan of amazon.com and online shopper, makes me someone who can "humbly" assess such websites. 

Therefore as a first impression, I can tell you, it has all the ingredients, it's easy to use, straight forward. It hasn't been fully rolled down yet in all departments, but I think they have a good start displaying electronics (Cameras, Computers, Camera Bags, Computer Accessories,...)

Shipping in Lebanon with Aramex
I will be buying something of course, I mean it is a dream of mine to buy something online locally where I do have to either order it to the US and wait for someone from the US to bring it with them, or worse, order it all the way to Lebanon (in case Lebanon is actually listed in the drop down box of the shipping form) and wait 3 weeks to 1 month for it.

Website's online payment security
What's awesome is that you can pay with Cash on delivery, a very convenient option for Lebanese people, knowing that most Lebanese are actually scared from using their credit cards online and have trust issues. But should you want to buy with a credit card, the website is secured with https and uses Audi e-payments system. I have used my Audi card over and over on TicketingBoxOffice.com (Virgin) and mtctouch.com.lb (locally speaking) and well... nothing was stolen.

Future functionality
I wonder, will we be able to sell our used stuff as well on Mizalla.com, can we become resellers? They have to take note, that there is Dubizzle.com in the horizon, even though it covers apartments, renting / buying houses, etc... but it's still there for the small stuff as well.

So Lebanon, we now are proud owners of an e-commerce, online mall, online shop known as Mizalla.com joining what started a while ago with AntoineOnline.com

Supermarket next?


  1. Looks cool ! Guess I'll have to compare the prices with Swedish online "malls" to see where if it would be worth waiting for my next trip to Lebanon :P

    This is a great initiative :)

    PS: When I read "owners of an e-commerce" I thought: My God lilo you're rich ! :P

  2. Definitely a plus! Hellooo! Things are moving along! I love online shopping..seriously, when I get the chance, I prefer it to shopping in a mall or at a store any day. What about prices for shipping and return policies? Still the most interesting feature you mentioned in cash upon delivery. Talk about knowing your market!

  3. Danielle definitely! You're right, I didn't check the return policies! I guess will have to go more thoroughly through the website