Monday, June 13, 2011

Marcel, Rami & Bashar? Rami should go solo.

Not sure about others, but I expected the concert last Saturday to be different. This concert is part of the Beirut Music & Art Festival 2011, that took place on Beirut Waterfront. Based on the concert of Marcel and the British Orchestra in Beiteddine 2009, and on the second part where he played with his sons, I expected to hear Marcel's old songs. But to my surprise, it was a whole different kind of music style, mainly made of Rami's pianos (classic & electric), Bashar's keyboard & different types of percussion, and Marcel Khalife's Oud.

The music style is close to cult (correct me if I'm wrong) and very instrumental. His sons, left the stage for a total of 12 minutes, when Marcel Khalife sang "Oummi", one of my all time favorite, and as usual it was performed in a very affectionate way. Later on, and even though the audience chanted more than once "Ya Bahriyyi", Marcel Khalife completely ignored them. Moreover, there was no encore.

I am sad to say, that Marcel Khalife did not deliver, in my opinion, the star of the night was his son Rami on the piano. The guy is amazing on his pianos, both classic and keyboard, his improvisations are mind blowing, and his music filled the entire performance. Bashar on the drums is very good, multi talented, sometimes playing the keyboard and beating on the percussion. 

All in all it was a good concert, even though it started at 9:30pm although it specifically says 8:30pm on the tickets. But this is Lebanon, ey?

I wish Rami would hold a concert on his own, and I would definitely go see him. I think Marcel fans were some how disappointed, saw many people leave the concert early. 


  1. Im one of the disappointed bunch. Perhaps I didnt manage my expectations properly and expected it to be Marcel playing old songs.
    However, I personally did not enjoy Rami/Bashar's music. At some point I felt the music made the bats fly away ! (Again, it might be cause I was disappointed - and hence highly prejudiced against Rami and Bashar).

    Anyways - glad the author enjoyed it. I tweeted this during the performance:

    @emouchrik Egyptian guy sitting next to me says : 'Husni Mubarak went down because if his children. Marcel is doing the same.' @Marcel_Khalife

  2. LOL at the tweet! but I think you didn't enjoy Rami and Bashar's music coz you were disappointed. At first I didn't enjoy it either, but then I decided to focus on the playing of Rami almost at the middle of the concert when he started improvising, and I noticed that the dude has a lot of talent, so I took it from there.

    Thanks for your comment :)

  3. Well I knew something like this will happen because they were telling that it will be something new and I know how crazy Rami can get over piano so I pretty enjoyed it :D

  4. Mher! I would definitely attend if he does a concert on his own. We'll see