Saturday, April 23, 2011

Win 3 tickets to The Dinner Party play

The Play
This blog was, still and will always be a support of arts in any form. So we are happy to tell you about The Dinner Party, which is a play that will be taking place in Babel Theater on April 29, 30 and May 1. It is directed by Zeinab Assaf and presented by "Haigazian's University Actors Club Members". For more info, check the facebook event page.

Six people are invited to a dinner, but only one person knows why. As the guests arrive one by one, they start to realize that they all have something in common. The secretive, ambiguous, cryptic mystery is unraveled through a series of misunderstandings, passionate outbursts and other delightful dilemmas. And what does a tourist from South Lebanon have to do with all of this?

Answer the below questions correctly by Monday April 25 midnight, and a software will be used to pick the winner randomly. The winner will win 3 tickets to this play on its opening day (April 29).

Two questions:

  • When was Babel Theater founded?
  • The guests in the original "The Dinner Party" (that was done in 2000) were invited to a restaurant. Question is, where was this restaurant in this story located
  1. Only those who got the answers right will be qualified.
  2. One entry per person.
  3. Provide a name.
  4. Be in Lebanon :)


  1. Babel Theater was founded in October 2007.
    The restaurant was located in Paris..

  2. 1) October 2007
    2) Paris
    That was easy... no I did look them up, honest!

  3. 1) October 2007
    2) Paris

    Hope i win!

  4. Carmen Terzian
    1) October 2007
    2) Paris, France

  5. Thanks everyone for participating :) the results are up in a new post.

    11 names, and 1 winner :D