Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meeting Kathy Shalhoub & her wicked hair

So after having the book "Life as a Leb-Neh lover" by Kathy Shalhoub sent to us thanks to Turning point books, I was determined to finish the book quickly, since it's been a while now all my time is spent behind a pc and online. And yey me, I finished it.

While reading it, I wrote a small review of the book "Life as a Leb-Neh lover" on The Cube, and to our luck Kathy got a pingback on her website, saw it and came and commented on the post. After some give and take, it turned out she was coming to Lebanon this week, and some of us Cubers, got to meet her last night (she really looks like the drawings in her book btw) during a tweetup we did for Micheline Hazou who is also a Cuber.

Anyway, Kathy (who is as nice & funny in real as she sounds in her book) was kind enough to sign the book. It is the first The Cube signed book, that will go into our library.

If you're interested in meeting Kathy & getting her signed book, she will be signing her book tonight in Librarie Antoine - ABC Ashrafieh from 5 till 8 pm.

All in all, all I can say is that after the whole thing started as a rant in a post, then moved to comments and twitter discussion, to have turned into an actual online book reading club, and now we get to meet book authors, is really something that puts a smile on my face :)

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