Monday, April 11, 2011

I prefer traffic. Yes!

Okay, now lift that jaw up... I have a very convincing point.

Just when you think drivers in Lebanon cannot get any worse when it comes to manners, well think again. The last couple of days have been really slightly shocking for me, I mean, how shocked can you get really in this country?

I've seen drivers pull crazy stunts during my life, or just block your road even when their road is blocked instead of at least thinking "if am stuck, let the other dude/tte have an easy life", but NO! If I am suffering, then everyone suffers with me.

However lately, I am seeing people go completely nuts, risk their lives and the lives of others for seriously peanuts! PEANUTS! It's not worth it. Just arrive late, or leave your house a bit earlier (as my dad used to always tell me)

In conclusion, traffic is better, since, last time I checked, we only give out Driver's Licenses to human beings. Animals are not supposed to drive no?


  1. I hate when people pass a red light, especially those that take off without even looking...

  2. This is why I'll never drive in Lebanon.. I get enough anxiety just observing everyone around, much less dealing with it myself! Stay safe!

  3. yasmine, I know, right?

    Danielle, yep trust me, you're saving on a lot of white hairs