Thursday, March 17, 2011

Twestival Beirut: The Fund Raising and The Raising of Fun

Twestival Beirut, is coming to town, on Thursday March 24th, 2011, at 6pm. I cannot begin to describe the amount of positive energy such an event can have. Can you imagine tweeps bringing together what they have online to an offline event? It's great fun, awesome atmosphere, great presentations and surprises (I mean when women like Sana Tawileh, Darine Sabbagh, Lucy Hanna, Mireille Raad and Naeema Zarif put their hands together, you cannot but set great expectations), so thank you ladies for your hard work, I know how much you have been putting effort into it, how do I know? Well I am not seeing you tweet much :) So thank you!

First, what is a Twestival?

A Twestival (or Twitter-Festival) is a single day, global movement which uses the power of social media to organize offline events that mobilize communities in support of a local cause. Twestival was born out of the idea that if communities were able to collaborate on an international scale, but working from a local level, it could have a spectacular impact. [1]

Second, what is this year's theme for Twestival?

This year Twestival is going 'Local' in cities around the world on Thursday 24 March 2011. Events for Twestival Local will raise funds and awareness for local nonprofits that organizers identify for having an incredible impact within their own community. [2]

And what charity did Beirut choose?

Beirut will be supporting Faire Face

The funds will go to support the Breast Cancer cause:
- Psychological help for women with cancer
- Free mammography for women

Where will it be?

Tawlet - Souk El Tayeb. 
Beirut, Sector 79 - Naher Street # 12 (Jisr el-Hadeed), Chalhoub Building # 22 - ground floor facing Spoiler Center, dead-end street at the corner of Anthurium flowe shop - left side, corner building.
Beirut, Lebanon

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful post Lilo, we're keeping our fingers crossed that all works according to plan. We have an amazing team of volunteers who will be cooking the scrumptious Lebanese meal and planning many "community" surprises.

    See you there!

  2. Thank you for the post sweetness :) Glad we have your support on Twestival .... The best is yet to come i say :)

  3. If I may suggest along with the free mammographies, an awareness campaign about "breast density" which is an important factor in the effectiveness of mammographies at detecting breast cancer. It's important not only to encourage women to regularly get checked, but also to understand the test they are going through.

    Cool TED talk: here. Lots of informative stuff in the first part.

  4. Can't wait to see you all there! Do we have to buy tickets? If so, where can we get them, and how much are they?