Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Results of the Top 10 Blogs in Lebanon

I launched this survey for what the Lebanese reader thinks are the top 10 blogs in Lebanon ins his/her opinion almost two weeks ago. I got 49 responses in total. There were 85 different blogs voted, but 47 of them had only 1 vote.

Please note that this is basically a survey shared mostly on twitter, and this does NOT reflect the Top 10 most "viewed" Lebanese blogs, as the results are different from what I got from the survey.

And the end result is the following, and the blogs are written in order:

  1.  This is Beirut / From Beirut with Funk

  2.  Plus961
  3.  Beirut Spring
  4.  Hummus Nation
  5.  Ink on the side
  6.  Ivy says
  7.  KrikOrian's Photo Blog
  8.  Beirut Drive By
  9.  Maya's Amalgam
Funny thought: Danielle (This is Beirut), you are on the top and you're not Lebanese. For that, I just made up a new nationality law which is:

If your blog is voted Top 1 in Lebanon, you immediately obtain the Lebanese nationality :D 

p.s. Makes me really happy to know that I am among the top 10 with those amazing other 9 blogs, even if it's a modest sample surveyed. Now there is a challenge for me to stay in that list, and for that I say "Challenge Accepted" a la Barney Stinson from How I met your mother! :)


  1. Great results... great blogs ... great choices :-))

  2. OMG! I made the list?! That's so awesome! Smiling so much right now :D

  3. Mabruk everyone who made the list!

    And a special mabruk to Dani ;)

  4. Wouhu I am happy that i made to top even with a small survey and I love all the other blogs !

  5. Congrats bloggers!! Great job, you all deserve the recognition:)))

  6. Just noticed "From Beirut with Funk" was voted number one too!

    Mabruk Lil ;)

  7. Way to go bloggers!! Congrats to everyone on the top 10 and especially happy to see several of my friends made it - you ROCK! (and everyone knows it lol!)

    These blogs have truly become household names :-) Great job!

  8. great job everyone, especially my frd krikorian :)

  9. Thanks for sharing the results Lil! Glad I made it to number 3! :)

  10. Congrats to all of you, you're doing a great job! Keep it up!!!

  11. Lil, thanks for taking the initiative to do this survey. Glad my blog made the list! You made my day! :-)

  12. Mabrouk! Always nice to get the chance to applaud the elite!

  13. This is incredible to be included on this list along with my favorite blogs! Thank you for all that you do to support and promote Lebanese bloggers.

  14. Mark, the explanation is in the post itself. :)