Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Cube, the Lebanese online book reading initiative

One day I woke up thinking to myself how we don't read much in Lebanon, how this habit isn't really instilled in our culture, way of thinking and daily practices. So I ended up writing - if you remember - this post "We are we are, the youth that doesn't read". In response, it received supporting reactions by many people who are frustrated of the lack of reading that we do on an individual and group level. A debate was generated and we all participated between the comments on my blog post and twitter, and started to think that maybe we could/should form some kind of a book club and energize it online. Meanwhile, at one point I had to submit a comment and write a captcha, which was was "lecub". So I ran to twitter and told the gang, why don't we name our club "The Cube".

The Cube Logo - by BeirutSpring

And then, Mustapha did the awesome (above) logo (isn't it brilliant?). 
And then, we decided to meet. 
And then, we decided what the blog is going to contain.
And then we informed everyone by gmail threading
And then some more people joined us
And then we set up the blog, did the theme... 

And then, today, we introduce to you, oh so proudly and happily, the first online book club/reading initiative - The Cube - a pretty unconventional one, whereas we don't all read the same book and discuss it, instead, each reads a different book, shares his/her thoughts about it  and that way we cover more ground. Moreover such an online initiative allows those of us who live abroad to participate as well.

There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them~ Joseph Brodsky. 

Hopefully, with this small initiative, we will be able to encourage each other to keep reading, receive commentaries and suggestions from our visitors, and moreover inspire more and more people to read. 

Make sure you read our thoughts on the blog, interact with us on twitter, and thoroughly discuss books with us on facebook.


  1. A great idea and a super blog. Reading is a passion we should pass on to as many people as possible. Sorry I haven't been able to participate yet. Getting used to the idea of writing a review of what I read, which so far has been very private. Yalla, soon. Bravo Lil and all The Cube team :-))

  2. What a fantatsic initiative. You know my thoughts. So happy you "walked the talk" and put this thing together. The logo is great, the idea brilliant! I will contribute in every way I can.