Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Road Safety Dummy? Car accidents in 2010 are more than in 2009

Okay, first of all let us look at some stats concerning car accidents in Lebanon. Let's look at 2010 vs 2009. (figure 1)

(figure 1) Stats from Kunhadi.org - Click on picture to enlarge
The radars in Lebanon were installed early November 2010. We heard talks about thousands of traffic tickets being given in the last 2 months of 2010, and we also "heard" that number of accidents decreased.

Whereas the numbers on Kunhadi correct, we notice that in November 2010, the number of car accidents is more than in the same month the year before, as for December, it's only 11% less than December 2009's.

As you can see, the number of car accidents in Lebanon in the year 2010 were more than 2009, and it has been on the increase for the past 5 years.

Back to the radars, I would like to say and repeat again, mobile radars are really crucial especially for those who are speeding on a Saturday night on (for example) Jbeil - Jounieh (Casino du Liban curve anyone?) highway! Don't just take a nice photo of the plate number, go ahead and pull over the driver, because if you don't, the driver (mostly drunk) will still be on the loose & endangering his/her and other people's lives.

Oh and as for traffic tickets, are they giving away traffic tickets for drivers who cross on red lights? Please, I beg you, please do!

Oh, oh, HUGE p.s. Mobilette shobilette, please n2ibro stop at red lights, because I don't want to kill anyone by accident and go to jail because of your utter stupidity.

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  1. I lost 5 KG of weight just driving in lebanon for 2 weeks in my most recent vacation. God! I love driving in Lebanon, better than any other exercise I will ever try out.

  2. To be fair though... we haven't heard of fatal accidents as much which is what matters. Accidents are accidents its death thats the concern.

  3. The decrease only happened in July/August for the touristic season - they left the country.

    But, I don't thing that they will seriously be giving tickets anytime soon. Besides, wasta can take care of them. Besides, do what a friend of mine does - @zeinabhakimi just runs bumps them off the road if they are breaking driving laws =P
    10 points scooters - 5 points pedestrians - 50 old people.....c

  4. LOL yasmine! that's the thing we all have wastas, but seriously a wasta for a 50000LL go pay it and be a man! pffft

    Mariam, maybe not as big as the damour and south ones that happened in summer, but there has been big accidents, and people are still dying and killing and going to jail because of it.

    Figo :P glad you lost weight, how's marriage life?

  5. ahhh the never-ending discussion about road safety in lebanon...
    seriously, all this fuss about radars made me hope we could take the road without fearing for our lives but obviously not... haida loubnan!
    in france, we have mobile and still radars, and we also have radars in the traffic lights. trust me, people don't slow down because they think of their lives, but just because they don't want to be ripped by the gouvernment (very) high fines! lebanon should make a driving license "à points" like here. everytime you break the law, u loose a point (4 for traffic lights, 3 for high speed). and we only have 12 so it goes away fast!

  6. if something needs to be privatized in Lebanon, it's traffic patrol.
    Just hand it to a private company, let them invest in the traffic system and collect tickets. No wasta can get u out of a ticket when it affects the bottom line of a private company. just my humble opinion :)

  7. Mar1 we should privatize many things in Lebanon.

    didie agreed, and in the US, the person's insurance increases, and they have to go to driving school again, etc... ma 7adan byemshe 3al anoun, gheir when they have something to lose. inno ok I stop at red lights at night when there is no one beside me, and i have nothing to lose, it's a simple self control.. but how many do it?

  8. If only drivers would be responsible enough, I believe the number of road accidents could reduce dramatically.

  9. Hope there is an update for 2011. I am wondering if there are any changes.

  10. That is a significant rise. A cause for concern as well. As expected, more cases of DUI.

  11. The number are really surprising, I hope that they don't increase anymore.

  12. I think that the generation nowadays are really pushing the limits to road safety. There should be an extra seminar before getting their licence. Thanks.

  13. This just proves that people are becoming unaware about responsible driving. It can save lives.

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