Monday, February 07, 2011


I didn't blog since quite some time. 

Lashou? :P

Okay, let me try something new here. Can you give me suggestions on what to blog about? I have no idea what to blog about, I got 0 inspiration, 0 motivation, 0 everything!


  1. how about you answer this tag ?? :)

  2. Isa inte 0 everything, nehna chou??
    I'm sure you have something heyk au fond... a gaughe...a droite ;)

  3. How about pondering the size of the universe? Or writing a poem from the perspective of a caterpillar? Or taking photos of egg cartons and then coming up with captions for the images?

  4. Don't blog for the sake of blogging. If you keep wondering what to write about you won't come up with anything interesting. Relax, go out, and ideas will come to you.

  5. Anonymous, hehe I was gonna hint in my blog that there will sure be smartass commentators such as yourself :) meh.. so predictable.

    Fadi, you're right, I like your advice, going out seems to be the solution :P rain kept me inside for quite some time now

    Chanty lol. I have a couple of ideas that's for sure. But I need something new :)

    Hamdanis, interesting, I will think about it :) thank you

  6. I would be the wrong person for suggestions, I haven't done so in a while too.