Sunday, January 16, 2011

As a citizen, this is what I want from Lebanon

14 February 2006
It's a bit sad that we still wait upon other countries (Syria/Saudi, Turkey/Iran..) meeting results to know how our country will go for the next short or long period. There have been a lot of new events going on in our country, such as the resignation submitted by Patriarch Sfeir to the Vatican, the recent unity government collapse since the opposition ministers resigned, Hariri caught on tape, STL's indictment to be submitted next week...

A friend asked what I think about all this. I personally stopped following politics since years now, and readers of this blog know that very well. But this doesn't mean I don't have an opinion. I do. I have a strong one.
"I don't want to die for my country. I also don't want to kill for my country. I just want to live peacefully in my own country"
For me, political events are games, controlled regionally and internationally, politicians are bought and sold just like stock market. I came to consider following either of them plain vain, useless and demeaning.

I am for, and I repeat (see my Let's protest post):

  • Better roads, no more pot-holes, skillful engineers building bridges to decrease traffic, better public transportation, traffic lights with 24-hour electricity.
  • 24-hour electricity
  • Preservation of water. Use of solar panels.
  • Planting more trees, remember they give us oxygen.
  • Diminishing corruption within governmental institutions until it ceases existing
  • Standard performance by all municipalities 
  • Better internet law, allowing monster companies like Google to open in Lebanon, attracting more companies to invest in Lebanon, creating more job opportunities.
  • More research labs so our scientists don't leave us.

We were once ahead in the middle east, look at us now? Jordan is ahead of us technology wise. Syria  banned smoking in public places, need I talk about Dubai?

We are being distracted from the main purpose of our survival and well-being in this country. And for Lebanese people, people who excel abroad, many of us are doing a very unimpressive job in our country.

I say, forget about politicians, ignore them, do not follow them, since without us they are nothing. Let's have one goal only and that is bettering our existence here. Can we do it?

Do I wake up from the dream now? 


  1. Diminishing corruption within governmental institutions until it ceases existing.

    I think this point is he most important one:

    no corruption in municipalities means better Roads, Greenery, etc...

    think about it like that: If we remove corruption from every ministry and they really become public servants (that is their role.. to serve the public) you'll have better everything : ROADS, WATER SUPPLY, ELECTRICITY, EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM, ENVIRONMENT PRESERVATION, PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION, SAFETY, JUDICIAL SYSTEM, SOCIAL SECURITY, HUMAN RIGHTS.... shall I go on?

  2. true, go straight right to the source problem and the rest will follow

  3. Can you run for a deputy position next election Lil?

  4. Great post. As a non-Lebanese I don't really feel like I have the right to comment. But I will say that I do agree with everything you said.

  5. I agree with you completely. The problem is that people follow these political leaders as if they are some sacred person sent to them - and they only follow them because they are of the same religion.

    I personally don't like that we don't work for "US" but always for a foreign goal...this is for both sides.

  6. Excellent! Lil for minister!!!! :-)

  7. Run for president? MP? I'm voting for you!

    I'm glad there are sane and logical people like you left in Lebanon :)

  9. thanks you guys, you seriously make me blush. I wish we can do things ourselves, wish we had that power.

  10. Liliane, u expressed what many people think.

  11. Dear Liliane, even if we all agree with you on what we want from Lebanon as citizens I personally do not agree with you at all when you state that we should "ignore" the politicians. On the contrary, i believe that my voice counts and that i should elect better politicians in the future AND that i should question their programs, performance and their loyalties before i vote for them the next time. Democracy is a system and the politicians are the tools WE chose. we should be involved and make better choices!

  12. Anonymous, I thought it's obvious that I didn't mean ignore politicians forever, just meant ignore the current warlord politicians. I am all for voting for politicians based on logical - country and survival and economical programs and agendas, instead of political agendas! :)

    So maybe when we stop listening to political leaders, some educated hard working individuals will be more encouraged to run for elections