Saturday, January 29, 2011

Armin Only, This Light between us and 8mm

Part of Armin Only's world tour that happened in 15 countries, of which Lebanon is the only Middle East country, was last Saturday, 22 January, an amazing 8-9 hours set was played by a truly talented, strong, down to earth, close to the heart, perfectionist and fun-spreading person known as Armin Van Buuren.

Armin with the Lebanese flag :) (Photo courtesy of George Zamroud)
<3 by Jennifer, taken by George Zamroud

Getting ready just before the concert. L to R (Hussein, Hussam, Lyne and Nadim)
This is not a review post, nor a track-list post. After Gino's amazing review / photo gallery, and Omar's full of feelings post / almost full tracks list, I dare not write such a post. Nevertheless this post came after I saw a video by Christian Burns (the singer behind This Light between Us, a song which most people just adore, and which is part of Armin's latest album Mirage) which he took with his 8mm in various parts of Beirut. It is a really heart warming video, accompanied with a song, which I will leave for you to guess.

And if you want a feel of the concert, here's a video with many excerpts of different songs from the concert in Beirut. Ah gives me the chills.

Armin, see you again in Lebanon soon I hope. 


  1. love the pictures..maybe next time I'll join!

  2. Keefak man! I actually just posted about the event on my blog and while searching on google your blog came up! What a great post! I love the video by Christian Burns! How awesome! Yalla keep up the great blogging!