Thursday, December 16, 2010

From Dubai with Funk

Because I am a sincere person, and since I am not in Beirut right now, I cannot blog from Beirut with funk. But, you know what, I am going to blog from Dubai with Funk.

Why I am happier here:
1- I don't get stuck in horrid traffic
2- I don't spend 30 minutes time finding a parking spot underneath my house
3- People don't cut me off when trying to pay for something, we are all equal here apparently when standing in a queue
4- I am not hearing Lebanese news, I have no clue what's happening and no one around me talks about it
5- People call me "madam"
6- I am going to Guns N Roses tonight
7- I had a great ... GREAT macharoni in IL Cafe di Roma
8- You can find everything here
9- I saw sporty expensive cars in one night when on JBR more than I have seen in my entire life in Lebanon (mostly when I pass by Milcar)
10- You sense order, you feel order, you feel safe, you feel "okay" and not haunted and hated.

But as Mr Arnold says, I will be back. And I WILL be back in a week. Because there is no place like home. (And because I have to :P)

p.s. Bonus #11 --> you get to buy a SIM line for like 30$ (including being recharged with credits!)


  1. And hopefully, you will come and visit us often in Dubai!!! :-)

  2. spend 10 days in Dubai, and all these things you've lsited will be worthless to you and you'll discover how fake Dubai is:

    1. you'll have to pay 8 Dhs ($2) for crossing Sheikh Zayed Road

    2. you DEWA (electricity & water) bill is not less than 1,000 Dhs(275)every month

    3. you'll never enjoy anything, anything at all unless you pay gooooooooood money, a walk on manara street @ 5.00 AM is worthless

    4. you'll spend 20 yrs in the same building and you'll never get to know your neighborhood next door

    5. Believe me, parking near your house in Dubai is not what you think, those living in certain areas have to pay for pre-paid parking because they don't have a parking space

    6. pre-paid parkings are purely rip-off: 2 Dhs for 1 hr but 5Dhs for 2 hrs!!!

    7. as for the traffic: Sharjah/Dubai & Dubai/Sharjah destination at 8.00 AM & 6:00 is a 3 hrs ride/one way everyday. and it's a 7 lanes road!

    8. 20L gasoline = 16,500 LL, only half of it cost you back in Lebanon, and this is UAE we're talking about, a country that has oil!!!!!

    want me to continue? :D

  3. Why do people comment as Anonymous?! Are you that afraid to say who you are?!?!?!

    In response to that coward:

    1. Salik is AED4 per cross, and who do you think pays to maintain SZR? Who do you think pays to make sure that the road is clean and there's no objects to kill you while going 140kmph?

    2. Do you rent a villa?! I have a studio and my DEWA bill has never crossed the AED100 mark...

    3. Define "anything", do you mean we cannot enjoy running naked on the streets? Or eating with our hands? I've been here for 4 years and I pretty much enjoyed everything.

    4. That's your problem.

    5. Also your problem.

    6. You obviously have never been abroad, what do you think parking in London costs?!

    7. You work in Dubai, live in Dubai. You work in Sharjah, live in Sharjah.

    8. Dubai doesn't have oil, check your facts, I know the price has doubled since Sheikh Zayed passed away, but it's still cheaper than most western countries. Oh, and by the way, if you don't want to complain about gas price, don't buy a freakin Hummer!

  4. Hahahaha love your post- felt the same when I went to dubai last month but I think its a good place for a matter of 10days, vacations or a small break nothing more.
    Nothing compares to home. And wait until your back, traffic is getting crazier with christmas:p in beirut.

  5. Reminds me of how schizophrenic I get whenever I want say "Home". Classic definition would be Beirut, but now that I've discovered I love Beirut in 10-day long intervals, I'm starting to think maybe I'm drifting towards a more Swedish definition..
    Enjoy Dubai !

  6. SuddenlyTwo that is why am so happy am not in Beirut right now, especially coz its christmas and it gets crazy underneath my house! CRAZY!

    And as you said Fadi, the 10 day thing also applies to Beirut, SuddenlyTwo, I have never lived anywhere abroad, but I always get this peaceful feeling when I am in Dubai or the US (virginia)... Beirut does stress me out on a daily basis

  7. Lol.. I loved your reply Bilal.
    The Fact is that we all can find good and bad things about both Lebanon and Dubai.. You'll find people who will never leave Lebanon, and others who are waiting just for an opportunity to run away.
    Lebanon has the potential to become even better than Dubai, but with such "political" and "incompetent" governments, that's the best we will ever be!
    So meanwhile, enjoy your time best over there, and let's dream that someday you enjoy your time here as much :)

  8. Wassim - Spot on...

    There's no place that is perfect, each city has pros and cons, but people have to learn to be grateful and appreciate what they have.

  9. @Liliane .. I'm glad you're happier & Stress free!
    Enjoy Guns 'N' Roses! I enjoy Dubai.. for short intervals & I like the diversity of the population. But I cant live in it..I would find that extremely difficult... I view it as a collection of very neat concrete with great prospects. I like Sharjah more.

    On another note..I adore Beirut ... But I find I'm allergic to the ads all over the place there! I think the Lebanese population has become immune to the crazy amounts of Ads across the streets of Beirut & they tune them out. It's where Ads go to die! :D

    @Bilal .. haha..I love your response!

  10. @Wassim "Lebanon has the potential to become even better than Dubai"
    This is all what we have, potential; Jordan, Egypt, Syria are investing millions in infrastructure and education, while we are busy calling each others names, and enjoying a plate of tabbooleh

  11. I am not sure about point number 3 of the "Anonymous" but doesn't the word "worthless" mean useless? So is the walk at Manara worth everything in Dubai or it is as bad as described? I am confused.
    Again, Lebanon is my country, Dubai is home.

  12. Wassim Beirut had the potential, I don't know if it still does, we were ahead of all other capitals / big cities in the region, because we had advantages when it comes to nature, weather, geographical location, but others have advanced and are now ahead of us.

    And we won't improve as long as everyone is afraid of tomorrow because of our crappy political situation that depends on the whole well being of the world.

    Mo, I think Anonymous meant "priceless"... but I disagree, it all depends on the mindset really, yesterday I stood by a metro station, near a restaurant to get their wifi and that moment for me was priceless :)

    I like it here. to be honest.

    Thank you everyone for your comments!

  13. Oh and armigatus, loved the last sentence :)

  14. Dubai is obviously lovelier when you are here! Now keep wearing that smile, it suits you!

  15. Liliane, loved the post. Bilal, your reply is spot on. Anon, GTFO (Google that!)

  16. @Liliane I am glad you like Tabbooleh :)

  17. Ghassan :)

    Samer inta kamen :)

    w Armigatus, well technically I love tabbouleh hehe

  18. i felt the same way about the 2 weeks in spent in Abu Dhabi/ Dubai. Felt so peaceful nothing on my mind like a worthy human being and happy