Monday, November 29, 2010

One minute on top of the world, the next behind bars.

This is a true story that happened very recently in Lebanon. I changed small details but they don't ruin the global point of the story.

A young female, in her late 20s, was coming back from a party where she had a lot of fun, a bit too fun by sipping one drink too many. The alcohol stream in her blood was above what's permissible legally when it comes to being behind the wheels. That day, she had work, she was happy and she was doing greatly at her job with a great career in the horizon, but at dawn, everything changed.

While driving back, doing over 140-150 km/h, she had an accident by bumping strongly into the car in front of her. The person in the other car died.

Where is she now? 

She's under arrest.

She killed someone.

She's behind bars. She may very possibly spend months there. Her workplace, as much as they care for her, how long do you think they will wait for her and not replace her, since work should go on!

The End
A young woman, behind bars. One moment she was having the time of her life, another moment she's behind bars with her future and her career at risk. Moreover she is going to spend a degrading period behind bars. We all know how civil our prisons are. And oh.. she killed a person.

Next time you want to drink my friend, take a cab, or have a designated driver or simply, shut your mouth and don't drink.

About them radars 
I think the whole automatic detection of speeding cars radars thing and then sending the ticket home or knowing about it online is stupid, since it defies the fact that we don't want cars to cross the speed limit since we want safe roads, if they're doing over 140 and 150 and know about their tickets days later, how exactly did we make it safe?

We want police cars on all roads, immediately stopping those cars and checking their alcohol 


  1. Excellent post. Be a responsible drinker! You don't only impact yourself when you drink, you impact others!

  2. I kinda agree and disagree with you on this one Liliane.
    You're 100% right about Lebanon needing some police with mobile radars on the roads, but Lebanon's implementation of those on-road police officers has caused accidents and death due to their improper blocking of the road!

    Having fixed cameras are very useful so when (and if) they make it home safely, a hefty fine would make them think twice about speeding again.

  3. It's a question of debate, I do see your point. Or maybe at least this can be done after midnight at random roads on random days, could instill more safety and more to be taken into consideration by drivers themselves.

  4. I have 2 friends who died from car accidents, that's why I never drink and drive... Drink responsibly!

  5. Unfortunately I know people who brag about getting drunk and driving! As if it's something cool or shows how tough they are..
    I agree, these should be stopped instantly not through a ticket later..

  6. Bilal same here, a friend died when he was 19.

    I am trying to let people see that they might not just die, they might KILL and end up in jail. I hope they see that

  7. if there's no black points system that confiscates a driving license after a certain number of fines, then yeah, you didn't make anything safe and the whole radar thing is completely useless. Well maybe not useless, it gave the Lebanese people something to broadcast more Blackberry messages...

  8. True, or increase the car insurance payment if a driver has a record of accidents and/or tickets

  9. stupid woman, i doubt her having a career with this much irresponsibility.

  10. it's good sometimes to face the reality of a night of fun. Unfortunately for this person, it didn't end good nor for the innocent soul who died.