Monday, November 08, 2010

My sandals were happy in Dubai

They say: "Home is where the heart is".

I went to Dubai a couple of weeks ago, stayed for 3 nights and 3 days, and I loved it, will not go into details, I just have to point out one thing.

I have been resisting admitting that this country is something to it, and been resisting for years now. Moreover I was always jealous that the achievements they've done could've belonged to Lebanon, since they built a city from scratch while we already had the nature, the Switzerland of the middle east, the snow, the life style...

While cruising around for 3 days there, I felt at peace and that is not because I was on vacation only, but because everything felt so easily accessible, everything you can think about and want, it's there. The roads, the order, the comfort, is there.

I truly felt like the government was not out to get me, unlike how it feels like in Lebanon. Because here, almost every minute of everyday, you feel like the government has hired agents only to follow you around and make sure you are pissed off and stressed the whole time.

Nevertheless in Dubai, I felt like the government simply wanted the residents there to be... happy. And from the looks on all my friends' faces, they were happy.

What do you think?


  1. I totally agree! One of the first things that strikes you when you move to Dubai is that it is a happy country where the locals love their leaders and a lots of the expats too :-)

  2. Been in Dubai for 4 years, and yes, I've never been happier :-)

  3. Indeed. Lived 9 years in Dubai and I couldn't be happier.

  4. I felt the same way when I was there too.. I was just so content. It isn't your typical sight seeing vacation, but I was able to just "be" and have fun. Even when not doing anything important I was happy to be there. I totally agree, especially about the "easily accessible" part.

  5. Generally yes, I am happy - but then again it really is about what you want out of a city, and your friends.. trust me without friends this place is a living hell. Depending on your job and income, you also get other forms of stress, like any other country.

    The only difference here is that things are convenient, most of the time.

  6. Have you considered moving to Dubai? Perhaps now is the time if you are craving a change? Although I have to say, while Dubai may be for some, it is definitely not for all. I went there for two weeks in December of 2008, and it was two weeks too long! It really was nothing special and reminded me of the states..I think that's what got to me, I had saved up for so long to be able to afford the trip,,and I was NOT impressed..Ok, so you have buildings, and restaurants, and shops..but where it the personality, history, culture, and character? It's not there. It's in LEB!

  7. @Danielle - You came here for the purpose of tourism, it's not the same thing when it comes to actually living here, there's a big difference. You're right, there's nothing to see here (remember it was 2008), but to live here is a whole different story.

  8. Dani, not a place to see per se, but definitely a place to live, especially if surrounded by friends, I guess having Micha and Bilal and Karen and Ghassan and many other friends there is what made it a pleasurable experience for me!

    I did consider moving, I might do that but not at this point.

  9. I should say it again, my silly quote; but my favorite: "Lebanon is my country, Dubai is home"
    Hope next time you are here we will see more of you.

  10. While I'm not surprised one says that... there is someone- many someones spending lots of time and money making sure Lebanon continues to be a hell for the Lebanese. Dubai also for work and life needs to be convenient because they need the expats as much as the expats need them.

  11. Lilo, you have quite frankly put in words how i have felt about Dubai since my first visit in 2006.

    I had to go there a few times for creative planning workshops and client conferences, and I have friends and family living there.

    To date, I still get the raised eyebrow reaction to: "so you still like to spend your days off in Dubai?"

    Honestly: Yes. Among many other gulf countries, the UAE is actually the one place where I noticed expats with sincere smiles actually happy to be where they are. Forget all the post-economic crisis media rants, it is a good place to be in.

    It is a fun city, and there's loads to do & the nationals there actually welcome you as a visitor.

    I don't think Dubai is overrated, I just feel the people who have these misconceptions simply have not visited or tried to enjoy a good night out there.

    Thank you for the post and for bringing back good memories.

  12. Khaled, your description is exactly what I thought and said to my friends, just didn't want to make the post longer. :)

    I would definitely go back there for vacation and more than once a year, I can get a cheap ticket and it's only 4 hours away