Tuesday, November 09, 2010

ISF announces cooperation with Roadster's Diner

The Oznion, Beirut - Lebanon on 09 Nov 2010

Internal Security Forces (ISF) will be now delivering your speeding ticket(s) to your house at your own comfort. The Lebanese government realizes that Lebanese people are working hard and wants the best for them. However, they have confronted one small problem when it comes to delivering the ticket to the right address.

Lebanese residents addresses are very obscure and misleading, for example, if you want to reach a friend's house, you don't get your typical directions such as street number, avenue name, building name and which crossroad etc.. you get stuff like:
  1. There is one tree in the area, we're right behind it
  2. Keep going, when you see an old "Dangerous road" sign, go right.
  3. Same building as Abou Tony's grocery shop
  4. After the XX bank, go left, then you will see a huge pot-hole, we live IN it.
etc.. etc...

Thus, and since the top restaurant in Lebanon is Roadster's Diner with its repeated successful deliveries to almost every house hold in Lebanon, and since they have the largest addresses database, ISF will now cooperate with them for the Speeding tickets delivery.

3oshtoum w 3asha loubnan, wa Roadster's.


  1. thumbs up!! i got a big smile on my face while reading...
    thinking about it, it would be quite practical and the government would be sure to be paid :p

  2. its kinda sad that restaurants have are better @ delivery and addresses rather than the government...

  3. please, wa7ad zabet combo , bass el drink diet pepsi ... w eza fi majeil yjibo srafit 100$ .thx

  4. hahahahahahaha, HILARIOUS!!!!!

  5. hahaha! but I don't want to associate Roadster's with speeding tickets. I like Roadster's...

  6. Dear all,

    This is what I think should be replied to the blogger:

    Dear Roadster Diner lovers,

    It is indeed true that Roadster diner has one of the largest databases, and we are privileged that you would think that the ISF would consider us as a reference; However, it is extremely sacred to us that our beloved customer’s information is used only for customer service purposes and only inside our organization. We definitely agree that the roads must be a safer place, and we portrayed our support by having recently attended safety sessions with Kunhadi Association. Be assured that your confidence and trust in us cannot be breached.

    We thank you for understanding,

    Best Regards,

    The Roadster diner Team

  7. Hi Roadster diner Team,

    There is no doubt that you wouldn't give out the database and jeopardize our privacy, either ways this whole post is just to add some sense of humor to the situation we're in.

    Your #1 fan ;)