Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Honking Awards

The Oznion- Beirut 25 November 2010 I am happy to be the one to announce the newly introduced awards, the one and only "Honking Awards".
They say that that from need comes invention, and since we have seen so many hard working drivers in Lebanon who honk like there is no tomorrow, we decided to "reward" them.
Ladies and gentlemen, the categories of the Honking Awards:
  • Fastest to honk when traffic light goes green
  • Fastest to honk per minute
  • Most honker per day
  • Most honker spread on the whole year
  • Interactive honker: a leader by heart, who gets others to honk as well
And the final and most important one is Honker for life, the one who honks non-stop, who honks to hit on women, who honks just to honk, who honks for the one behind him, who honks as a hello, who honks to curse, who honks when hungry, who honks when late, who honks at a cat passing by, who honks like life is a big huge horn.
Prize: Huge horn in your car so you can "tabbil" our heads even more!
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  1. So I totally laughed out loud at "The Oznion" hahahaha

  2. What about the "Best Honking Beat" for those who create melodies with their beats and honking symphony" for groups of car-owners that honk to each other and the policeman in traffic for solidarity?

  3. Riham yes this is the second issue of The Oznion, that was the first:

    Darine lol yeah I forgot about that one :P

  4. Yes I remember the other one. I knew it was sarcasm but didn't notice the "oznion" until today haha