Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Great collaboration between Lebanese writer and blogger

This blog is mainly to report what I see in Beirut in a funky way, and since well I am the author of the blog, I get to choose what funky means at my own convenience. This time around, I want to shed light on a great online collaboration that has been happening between two bloggers, since I find it a great example and great use of social media and blogging right there. Those two blogs are:

Pascal Assaf - جراح في الذاكرة 


Joelle Hatem - Racing thoughts 

It's a story, that started on Pascal's blog in Arabic, about life, death and existentialism, a witty deep writer being interviewed by a scared host controlled by a crazy director. And then, the ball was bounced to Joelle's blog, where she had to continue the story in English, and I was really surprised by the turn she did, it was very smart of her. And then, she bounced it back with a really good question to Pascal, where he continued it here in a wonderful super creative - full of imagination - way, let's just say, the word Irony with own hands, is imprinted everywhere in that last part.

Now, we're waiting for Joelle to continue.