Monday, November 08, 2010

Give us a ticket, give us good internet with it

تعلن المديرية العامة لقوى الأمن الداخلي انه ابتداءً من منتصف الأسبوع المقبل ، يمكن للمواطن الدخول الى موقعها 
الإلكتروني  وإدخال رقم مركبته في الخانة المخصّصة ، للتأكد من ارتكابه أية مخالفة سرعة زائدة ، تمّ ضبطها من قبل دورية الرادار ، علماً أنه سوف يتم  إبلاغه هذه المخالفة تبعاً لمكان إقامته حسب أصول التبليغ المعتمدة. وتذكّر هذه المديرية العامة المواطنين الكرام بان السرعة القصوى المسموح بها هي 100 كلم / ساعة على الأوتوسترادات  و 50 كلم /ساعة داخل المدن في حال عدم وجود لافتات تحددها ، كما تهيب بهم ، التقيد بأحكام قانون السير، وتدعوهم إلى القيادة بتأنٍ ومسؤولية ، وتتمنى عليهم أخذ العلم بهذه الإجراءات الجديدة المتخذة والتي من شأنها المحافظة على السلامة العامة. 

So starting next week, the ISF will be launching a section in their website where we, Lebanese car owners, can login and enter our vehicle plate number to check if we have any pending speeding tickets. Now that is cool, awesome cool! I can't wait to see what web programming language they used, the tools, the Ergonomy and the user experience there.

Yet I have one note on the fact that now the government is relying on the internet to communicate with us:
- Make it faster
- Make it cheaper
- Make it accessible to everyone

and Make a mobile version.

Happy careful driving everyone. 50 km/h in internal roads, and 100km/h on highways in case signs are not available. Let's hope they apply this in a credible uncorrupted manner, and let's hope with the money made they work on improving the status of the roads and highways, build more bridges (in a much faster manner than the epic bridge construction near CityMall).


  1. Lilo, you said a magical word, "the money made". My biggest concern from all of this is to know where the money is going.
    We in Dubai, are happy paying the government fines (to some extent) or any fee that they ask for when it comes to driving and cars, but we know (and as you also saw) that we have one of the best roads in the world. It doesn't matter if you drive at high speeds, say 120kmph and above, you know for sure that you won't encounter any "surprise" on the road that might take away your life, like a pit or something.
    Again, where is this money going?

  2. I agree cheaper internet connection, mobile version, cheaper mobile rates. Hopefully the money made won't sponsor our politicians

  3. I heard about that but I'm concerned about a thing...
    we can basically input any car number without the need for any additional information to get the list of all speeding tickets related to this car? I hope this will be somewhat private or will show the least data available

  4. Dear Lilo,

    I am very surprised how can u be cool with the speeding issue. I wanna see u drive through Beirut going only 50. It will take u hours and days to cross one road.
    I was even more surprise how geeky u are being so excited about the Programming language used on that button in the isf site.
    Amazing... Simply amazing. Love ur simplicity dear !! Mwaaa...

  5. Well, before the button, I expected some cool stuff.. turned out it was a button. As for being cool, please check this post which I wrote today :)

    Anonymous and calling me Lilo? :P I think I know who this is !