Monday, October 11, 2010

Social Media changed my life

This post will be crowd sourced.


First of all, I want you to know, that I am inspired by people all the time. When I did the travel blogging in Armenia, all  I can say is, my readers were on my mind the whole time, and every time I shot a photo I thought of you.


When I write a short story, or when I write about a sensitive topic or when I ask a question, it is YOU my readers who I actually long to read. I learn from you over and over again, and when I write a funny tweet (twitter status), all I look forward is making people laugh. And luckily I do, and makes me happy to know I am part of a small happiness the other person gets to feel.


Moreover, I love bringing people together and thus the recent tweetups (reunions) I have been organizing, and it puts a smile on my face to see that people meet and talk and discuss and maybe business opportunities can emerge.


So I shared my story. Can you share yours and tell me how Social Media changed your life? In 140, or okay.. 280 characters?


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  1. You inspired me to share my story on this blog. Here it goes:
    The number one way that social media changed my life was through introducing me to my wife; Yep!! I kid you not, I met my wife by mistake on back in 2006. She was in the States, I was in Ghana. Common friends + profile viewer + DMs = intrigue, interest then agreeing to a meet back in Lebanon = know the rest. After all the story ended with her becoming my wife ;)
    Thank you social media, thank you and thank you Liliane for allowing me the opportunity to share this :)
    You rock!!

  2. OOOOOkaaay, Thank you Omar for ruining it for the rest of us! how the hell are we supposed to top that? :-)

  3. Ghassan it's not about topping ma topping :P just share your story

    Omar, thanks a lot for sharing this :D

  4. Yes, Social Media has changed me life too. Because I am from "old media," all this SM is very new to me and very exciting. It began last September (2009) when I was given my little Dell Inspiron mini (I was only on pc at work before that) and signed on to Facebook and Twitter. After three years in Dubai and having no friends, I now have friends all over the world. Through SM, I "met" you Lil, and all the fantabulous tweeps in Dubai, Beirut, Amman, Saudi, Kuwait, Canada, the US, France, the UK, Ghana.... Somehow, and through tweetups, we are getting to know each other more and more, and our virtual friendships are becoming more real. With and through SM, I am learning a lot and I now have a blog -- in great part thanks to you Lil and your brother Pascal. For me, SM is about being social, hence I chat. This seems to be a big no-no, but that's what I do, that's how I am. Social Media, twitter, blogging and the likes have opened up the world to me, after having spent it pretty much at work and alone... I intend to enjoy it, learn it, conquer it and hopefully make a living out of it. So yes, Social Media has changed my life and I hope it continues to do so. Thanks for a great post and giving me the opportunity to express these feelings :-)

  5. Social Media changed my life because it enabled me to meet, both virtually and in reality, many like minded and not so like minded people in my region, giving me the oppotunity to build ties and relationship and strenghten my bond with my home country. Thanks Twitter and Facebook for ibtroducing me to feminists, graphic designers, photographers, artists and friends that keep inspiring and motivating me!

  6. well social media let us communicate faster in this busy world in my opinion the best one is twitter, i have met interesting people using twitter living in Lebanon and got lots of great feedback from those people on my blog.
    Nice article and thank you Funky for bringing us together :)

  7. the good change SM caused :
    everyone else sits at the computer now a longer amount of time . so it is not as weird when i do so :P

    other than this, i guess the cheesy stuff everyone says : met new ppl , got freelance work, learned new stuff balblabla

    halla2 i can tell the bad way SM changed my life - but i don't want to be the one sending negative vibes :P

  8. migheille, i thought maybe you would bring up the fun(d) raising project :P

  9. lool i didn't consider fund raising as a personal experience , more like a collaboration project/idea

  10. for starters Lilly, social media has made me meet wonderful people like you and @mich1mich - it has transcended borders, religion, all other forms of prejudice and allowed me to connect with people on an intellectual level ... it has opened my eyes to things I was completely oblivious about ... it has also taught me more about myself and reinforced my passion ... it gave me a greater sense of belonging ... one that mattered ... one that could possibly make a difference.

  11. hmm :) SM helped me pull out the cancer awareness project, share the poetry I forgot in my drawer, fall in love with photography...and meet YOU! :D besides ditto everybody else :)

  12. migheille, fun(d) raising was a collaborative project born in social media :) so it is a perfect example in my opinion here, and it was ur idea, so stop being modest!

    John, same here :) top reason is meeting new people and wonderful ones might i add. as cafethawra said, like minded or not, but with so many different backgrounds and skills.. a person feels rich for knowing all these people

    Rita! :)

    I still havent shared my story btw. I will later :D

  13. I guess I'm really late to submit my reply on this blogpost, if it wasn't for social media, I probably would have been the first. No offence Lilo, but I think this is a perfect example of what social media has done for you, me, and everyone else reading this.
    Social media opened my eyes to so many things that I was missing, it introduced me to amazing people who taught the love of photography, among many things. It told me that I have people that I can count on when I need help.
    The most important thing, social media introduced me to a very important person that would have taken me years to meet without social media. I'm sorry for not being able to mention who this person is at the moment, but all of you will know soon :-)
    A great person once said "Facebook is your highschool friends, Twitter is the friends you wish went to highschool with".

  14. Social media got me to meet you my magenta BFF

  15. Social Media? To sum it up, it made me open my eyes to better things and it introduced me to better people than those who were around me while away from home.

    I always thought I know something about everything, but Social Media made me realize that I am not aware of everything.

  16. It is an easy hard question, isn't it. For starters SM has shifted the amount reading materials I have to 1000s of posts and links daily, and added extr4a work hours to my plate. I have also met some amazing people ( all of your commentators are saying that aren't they?) and I believe that is the most amazing thing about that! But the change is not over yet,,,

  17. Social media helped me promote projects I worked on for clients and for myself. We launched Mom's Kitchen through social media and the business picked up since then. I admit we haven't been engaged much lately with social media but that doesn't mean SM did not do the trick for us.

    Like Mich said, it helped me meet interesting new people from all over the world.

    Further, social media helped me realize that traditional media is not the only source for news anymore. Not only does SM break news faster but it also gives you different analysis of what's happening. It wasn't the case in the past.

    Finally, I became addicted to blogging through social media and after reading all the amazing blogs, promoted by readers on Twitter and Facebook.

  18. Social media was and still an amazing experience, because of it now I have a blog, I met many like-minded people, some of which are very close friends now.

    Twitter is a route to news sites and a substitute to all other search engines for me, all questions have answers, anything, philosophical.. sarcastic.. food related, language related... u name it,, there is always that someone who knows and HELPS. Plus it will provide a more personal experience not only what's written in books!

    Because of SM i found many things in me I didn't know about.. =)

  19. Social Media is one of the best things to ever happen to me. I have met so many people and made so many friends through social media. Blogging helped me say what's on my mind and actually have people read it and be interested. Twitter made my life so much easier with all the rapid news. Social media simply made life easier and more fun for me

  20. I've met amazing people including close friends and one of my best friends (all in Lebanon).

    Then there is facebook. I know I resisted it from the get-go. But only recently (8 months ago) did I join it and I am quite enjoying it because I decided to be awfully strict when adding people. But generally, facebook is a great way to keep in touch with many friends and their lives especially when there is distance involved.

    Plus blogging itself has given me the opportunity to forever anonymously document my rather very normal life on the pages of the virtual dimension. Eventually, I uninhibitedly expressed certain thoughts and feelings and this allowed for much personal reflection and growth especially through complete strangers, but very inspiring, who commented and who also blogged.

  21. I don’t have a special personal story to share and I don’t consider myself an expert in SM like most of who participated in this post.
    SM presents a major change in the rules of engagement for both on the business and social levels.

    I embrace SM because it is practical, defies traditions, and highly influential.

    I’m a person who:
    •is always hungry for knowing something about many things,
    •finds pleasure in listening to ideas/thoughts/jokes of intellectual people,
    •and likes to make a difference when he thinks/analyzes and speaks up.

    In short, SM is an excellent medium for me and it made very positive change in my life.
    However, I’m still struggling on finding the ideal balance between engaging and executing, consuming and producing, being strongly active or slightly passive.

    I mean, think of it, without reading/researching/listening/engaging/learning/thinking/analyzing you will not be able to produce and achieving anything meaningful.
    On the other, except for those with SM as their Jobs, being addictively active on SM, you’ll be wasting major productive time.

    Finally, Thank You Liliane for this post because this question made me think, analyze and acknowledge the huge impact of SM in my life.

  22. this one is really a late reply... but well...

    SM along with givig the opportunity to meet amazing pple ( who have already replied to this post, and created it <3)... gave me the chance to somewhat"brand" my self as a photographer, it gave me more exposure, and helped me become more exposed to others works and ideas... it is a never ending, non bring cycle of information exchange and sharing...

  23. Social media put an end to all of my "what ever happened to him" questions. With facebook I realized I have nothing in common with my old friends but that I adore them and am thrilled to know where each one of them ended up. With twitter its another story, I am meeting new people every single day and in turn this is stretching my world making more space in it for more people, more friends, more information, more fun, more sadness, most of all more aware of what's going around me everywhere, it has made the world smaller and everyone so reachable. With twitter I know that each tweet reaches each follower differently, some will be welcoming, some would just skip, some might even unfollow :)
    Social media has encouraged me to finally start my blog, which has nothing to do with politics , yet I was able to find myself among you and leave the politics to those who know it best. Through the amazing variety we all contribute to the cyber world, I feel safe and content, all I need is around me :)
    Thank you for this opportunity, hope to meet u all soon someday:)

  24. Social media added the social to my life and made my teenage dream of making our world a more tolerant place closer to reality. The diversity of amazing people I came to know and love is beyond description. Here is a place where everybody interacts with everybody else and expresses opinion without boundaries. I also learned that some villains can use the same tools that you and I use for good, to manipulate, instigate, smear, destroy and create havoc. Like Bilal, I might be able to share with you soon(next Tweetup?)the name of the best person I met through SM who lifted me up, lent me his giant wings and re-taught me how to fly! In SM you have the time and place to choose your friends. When successful and true, these relationships can be solid gold. Having been on both the successful and perilous receiving ends of social media, I remain a committed fan.

  25. I can only express my thoughts by telling you the overwhelming amount of good people I have met exclusively via Social Networking. Thank You for your efforts Lil.

  26. Prompted by your tweet, Liliane, I ended up writing a post on this on my blog.

    Here are excerpts from it:

    [...] how has social media changed my life?

    The easiest and simplest way to answer that question would be to say that it made me social. You may or may not have figured this out by now, but I’m not exactly the one rushing to stand in the center of the room, I’m not the one who’s always wearing her heart and mind on her sleeve, I’m not one who’s very comfortable in the spotlight. I’m a wallflower. I like shells and cocoons and corners and small places, where I can sit and observe my surroundings and interact with people at my own pace and comfort. Social media has pushed me out of my bubble and encouraged me to open up and voice my personal thoughts, opinions, and feelings about life and, well, so many other stuff.

    Social media has brought me in contact with so many different people, some of whom I’m so happy to call friends; people who taught me to be a better writer, a better translator, a better runner, a better biker, a better photographer, a better blogger, a better techie, a better activist, a better feminist… basically, a better person, one who’s more informed, more engaged, more resourceful and more skilled. And here, I’d like to tip my hat to the tweeps (I won’t mention you by name, you know who you are). When I first heard of Twitter, I didn’t think it brought any particular addition to my life or filled any particular need. I thought: “Meh. I’m barely managing with Facebook. What am I gonna do with microblogging? How many online personalities can I have and handle?” So I never joined until the Trend #Gaza Campaign in December 2009, which provided me with the perfect reason to do so. And I’ve never looked back since.

    To be honest, sometimes my self-consciousness kicks in and I feel exposed and I long for my “Me Time” away from the Internet and all those networks with their peeping eyes and eavesdropping ears. But that’s the tradeoff: If you’re not willing to share pieces of yourself – more often than not to utter strangers, there’s no point in you stepping into this realm [...]

  27. Social media allowed me to share my photography with the world and meet amazing people I would have never met in the real world. Social media can do unbelievable things because it overpasses the matter and physical boundaries. I would even say it is transcendent. Sharing my photography on flickr made my life happier, waiting for the feedback, looking at other people's work, learning, getting inspired... this ability to give and take virtually was and is a great experience.

  28. I hate that I'm so late to this post, but I'll share my answer anyway and I am sure my ways came up before, but that's fine.

    The first way is that it introduced me to many people online in Lebanon. I've had an account on livejournal since 2004, and I met a lot of Americans on it. Most of them always met up together and had amazing times, and I was always jealous of their ability to do that and did not know where to find people in Lebanon who would want to have meetups and actual friendships. Obviously, mIRC (AT THE TIME I AM NOT OLD FASHIONED!) was not the way to go. Through Facebook and Twitter, among many other sites, I was able to find and join this amazing Lebanese community. I think of you guys as part of my friends and enjoy meeting up with you every single time.
    It also showed me the amount of talent there is. Photography, writing etc.. Eventually it encouraged me to blog publicly whereas I used to do it privately on livejournal, where you choose who reads your post. It felt more comfortable, and SM pushed me to do it more publicly and I am still struggling with that a little bit.
    It also increased my knowledge. I know this sounds lame but it's very true. There are many subjects that I've always been interested in, that my friends don't find particularly interesting. Via SM I met a whoooooooole bunch of people who are interested in the same things, and at the same time provide me with more and more material to add to my knowledge. Before that, I'd read something online and go and tell my friend with this excited face, and get "mmm.. okayyyy" as a response. Now I may tell someone I met online and they actually really find it interesting!

    Finally, and most importantly, SM has helped me find a job that I could have never dreamed of getting before (you know what I'm talking about), at least partially. Mostly by all the information and resources I now read daily, which is suggested and sometimes provided to me by SM, I was able to become more qualified. That's what I think anyway.

  29. Riham :D hehe yeah I know how it helped you find a job and hopefully soon you will share the news with everyone. you're a perfect example!

    I am really glad you guys shared your experiences, I enjoyed reading every single comment, I identify with many of them. I can see what great advantages SM can have, so all I can say back is I am happy

    thanks for giving me your time to comment on this post and share a part of you

  30. Social media got me friends. Social media got me a job. I love social media more then food!

    What makes me sad is that a lot of people don't realize what social media can do to them and what makes me mad is that a lot think it's just for checking out girls and posting crap on walls. It's so much then that!

  31. SM helped me get inspired and feel motivated many times due to the different successful people I get to "meet".

    Sometimes the positive energy emanating from others as they describe their interests and work flows into me and makes me set higher standards for several things I consider in myself, others or in things.

    Additionally, SM keeps me entertained during nocturnal moments :P or during when I'm stuck at one place due to one reason or another. I've made cool friends through SM.

    Finally (for now), Ive learned many interesting things through SM due to the different resources I encounter.