Thursday, October 21, 2010

Questions that I hate when people ask

  • Why aren't you married yet?
  • When are you planning on getting married? 
  • When are we going to see a bride or a groom (in reference to a newborn girl or boy)? (to married couples)

Let's start with the first and second, I personally get them a lot, and I once wrote my response to it here. So, I won't add to them.

Question #3, really gets on my nerves. I know many married couples who still don't have children, and I know the pressure that the society imposes on them, be it intentionally and unintentionally. In not so many words, there are two possible answers to why a couple don't have children yet:

  1. They don't want to have children
  2. They are not being able to
And either ways, it is none of your business. In the first case, this is their choice, so simply, bug off! In the second case, no one is ignorant about this subject anymore, they either talk to their closest people about it and take their opinion and they definitely consult their doctor who will suggest several ways to make the conception possible.

Can you imagine how annoying a person appears to be when they ask a couple why they don't have children and their reason is case #2. Why would you put someone under this awkwardness and annoyance, certainly they already feel sad and upset and about it. And not to forget it might lead to the couples fighting in case one of them isn't fertile enough...

I am not saying these questions are forbidden to be asked, but these questions can be asked at a certain time, and by certain persons and not every relative or neighbor those people have.

The annoying curiosity needs to go away, respect for privacy is something a bit new in our society, but needs to be more widespread.

p.s. there is nothing embarrassing about not being able to have children, there are many medical solutions out there.

Any other typical Lebanese questions bother you?


  1. Lilian, do you really believe that if people got married the questions stop there? A week after they're married they're asked "so when are you having a baby?". When they do they're asked "when are you having a second one?" When they do they're asked "where are you going to put them in college? what are they studying?" then when are THEY going to get married?" IT NEVER ENDS!

    I sooo need to do a comic about this! :D

  2. "Ma tensa ta3melli mc bass tousal."

    I don’t how people used to survive without this famous gadget the “MC” (Missed Call).

    Now it’s being so frequent and annoying this “MC”, at least for me. To those people who request this from me, don’t be annoyed from what I am going to say but unfortunately the bad news, in case occurred to me, will arrive to you faster than my MC.

    So PLEASE stop over caring, we used to travel very long distances counting on GOD to take care of us during the trip and now we just wait the MC.

  3. wow! it's like u went into my head and typed this post!
    I'm turning 30 in december, and not a day goes pass without being bombarded with question 1 and 2!!

    then wost thing about is that the older generation looks at getting married as an accomplishment!

    great post :) hope u don't mind me sharing it on Google Buzz

  4. Please do Sareen! This type of nosy questioning makes me steam too. Nobody should ever answer these questions seriously, go with the dragon answer ;)

  5. Sareen, I await such a comic!

    Chadi, you're right about over caring!

    Simon, no i am actually flattered, btw when in December? maybe we're born on the same day (i was born on 21)

    Ginger Beirut, problem is many couples succumb to these pressures and end up miserable sadly

  6. Lol khalas tekram 3aynkon, it's added to my list of ideas!

  7. Have always been asked these questions and have been shunned and thought of as strange or a bit cou cou in the head. The answer was and still is: I don't believe in marriage and I (okay, don't hit me) don't like kids!!! Sawwwwy!!!

  8. The only reason people ask these questions is because they have nothing else to talk about! I feel bad for them! Sheeeesh! Ignore 'em I say.