Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One of the most annoying driving habits in Lebanon

If you would like to join me in pointing out annoying driving habits Lebanese have, be my guest.

One of the most annoying things that happen to me while driving is this: when going in reverse (getting out of a parking spot), cars don't slow down, and they end up blocking me because only 2 meters ahead there is traffic. What really bothers me is that, not only one car does it, but 5, 6, 7 cars some times!

I ask them, you saw that it's blocked just a little bit ahead, and you weren't speeding, so why not let me get out of my parking spot, why are you so selfish? so ego-centric? so unaware of other people's existence? why so rude? why can't you be polite and nice wlo?

It seems like driving in Lebanon is really intertwined with psychological issues we Lebanese have. I say it is time to get over them, it's just too plain ridiculous the things we do and we should stop it.


  1. THE SINGLE MOST ANNOYING HABIT in my opinion is the general MYTH that, even if you're at an intersection and the RED LIGHT is on, you have the right to keep going to the RIGHT (wlak ya zalame la chou we2ef! yaminak maftou7!!). No people. the right side is ALWAYS off limits when the red light is on... THAT is annoying.

  2. I must say TAXI drivers abruptly stopping in the middle of the roads with no sign what-so-ever and then getting mad at you for giving out a remark !

  3. Dear Lilly,
    i can certainly name a of few:
    1- honking in traffic - i mean seriously, if the guys ahead had a way to move wouldn't he do that, so what the heck are you honking - unless your intention is to give me a headache.
    2- having a "darakeh" at an intersection with spotlights!!! doesn't that sound redundant? or at least shouldn't it sound redundant? ironically, he usually makes things even worse!
    3- how about people who don't use their signals to turn left or right ...
    4- or those that actually keep their signals on the whole way and you have no idea if they ever intend to make a turn or they simply forgot about it
    5- how about annoying motorbikes that insist and creating the worst kind of noise - to them it might sound like the roar of a lion - to me it sounds more like a cockroach on loud speakers!
    6- how about people that make way for the ambulance only to follow him through the traffic
    7- i have all respect for senior citizens but some can't drive anymore ... the driving licence in lebanon has an expiry date - did you know that? people should retake their exams to see if they are fit to drive - and i think this is very important - their sight, hearing, reaction all should be tested. But then again, they should be doing that for everyone ... young and old but we all know how licenses are acquired in Lebanon.
    Oh lilly i could go on forever, but i'll refrain from doing so ... but as they say, we have to always search for the silver lining ... and in this case, you should thank your lucky stars that you don't have to experience diving in Egypt ...!

  4. I faced many times people using their sign to the left and go to the right,
    When I followed one of them nervously to ask him how the hell they use those signs,
    They explained in a very cool and convincing way: Look man I was telling you kindly to go LEFT, it was not me that’s going to the LEFT I was going right and that’s obvious no!!!!!
    Now tell me, how are we going to apply new Driving System in Lebanon??

  5. Honking when the road is blocked. Come on! Am I a superman, or if I moved a few inches, would that make you, yes you honking behind me, a happier driver? Are you blind?

  6. John lol.. wow you didn't leave anything for anyone else to say :P

    CK, i experienced that today, someone put the left signal then went to the right... so I think your theory holds!

    Mo, ah the honking :S this is the main reason why I totally flip sometimes, others I can tolerate, but honking? oufff

    Fady, greaaaaaaat point, w byinzalo baddoun yodorbouk lol... khaye ma el traffic light is RED, RED!!!

    TheWoosher, haha ahhhhhh the taxis, :P holeh 3eyshin bi gheir dineh

  7. All of these reasons and more are why I will never drive for as long as I live in Lebanon..It's just not worth the stress!

  8. One of the most annoying driving habits in Lebanon, is driving in Lebanon.