Sunday, October 17, 2010

Joe and Randy Crawford, Music that lifts you up to a higher level of being

Joe Sample Trio

Yes, you read correctly, I started my post with Wow. Even though I fell asleep in the afternoon which caused me a headache, I still managed to pick up my friend and get the tickets and arrive on time, because I like to get there on time (get it? Lebanese late not so punctual people?)

The weather looked like it didn't want me to keep my straight hair, it was raining a bit, yet by the time Joe Sample Trio got on stage, it miraculously stopped raining. There was no sticky humidity, and it wasn't hot, which really made it perfect.

Joe Sample Trio, just what my ears needed, a dosage of "fine" music
The three member band works beautifully together, they played several jazz songs, with Joe's warm voice introducing a song after another and telling us childhood stories, it was simply marvelous. Did you know he used to play the piano since he was 5?

Joe Sample Trio and Randy Crawford
Randy Crawford - a beautiful soul
Then came Randy Crawford. What a woman. You see, at first I was sitting in the standing area leaning my back on some poll. When she came, I left my friend with all our stuff and just went to snap one photo and come back. But I didn't. I only went back when the concert was over.

Why! you make ask me? 
Well because she simply hypnotized me. She has one of those blues voices that immediately transfer you into the land of looking like an idiot with a huge smile on your face. I couldn't stop looking at her with her nice face expressions and her laughing suddenly. She is so perky and funny and simply lovable.

Smile that propagates at least all the way to Jupiter
I couldn't stop smiling and I must admit once and again that music is the most beautiful thing in the world. She sings in a very light and easy way, but boy does she have a strong voice when she wants to.

The chemistry between her and Joe was very heart warming, the inner jokes between them and the teasing, their friendship goes way back, 35 years back to be exact.

Sipping on some jack
Awesome concert, but not enough audience
Truth is, few times do I get goosebumps at a concert, and tonight was one of them. I was simply in awe. The audience was as happy as I was, I kept looking around me and seeing huge smiles everywhere. Though I have to admit that I imagined it to be much more packed. The standing area barely had 50 persons, and we weren't scattered, one row in the front, and one row sitting.

Not sure why this happened, perhaps the timing of the festival isn't a good one, most tourists have left already and even the expatriates are back to their second homes.

Love is funny
Wish there was a flying ovation
The only thing that pissed me off was at the end... I wanted to stand in ovation but I was already standing. All I can say is, for all blues and jazz lovers, if you weren't at the Beirut Jazz Festival tonight, you really missed on big time.

p.s. I recorded some tunes from the concert, I will download them and compress them and then share. Meanwhile, listen to this:

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