Monday, October 04, 2010

Join us at YLSMC Work Party on Sunday 10/10/10

Hi! Hey... Yoohoo :)

What's 10/10/10 Global Party
Okay, I usually don't ask for help in such a forward manner unless the subject really means to me. If you remember my spamming last year concerning Climate Change, the whole 350 and the Copenhagen summit... Anyway, the world leaders proved to be a FAIL once again. But is that reason enough for us to just give up?

How is Lebanon participating
So I come to you today, asking you to simply show up on Sunday 10/10/2010 at 8 pm in Beirut (venue to be announced, please keep checking this link). On this date, there will be a global party with thousands of events taking place in many locations on earth (

The great dedicated Hiba Farhat, from YLSMC ( is heading this initiative, and I hope we all get to help her.

What is the purpose of this fundraiser?
The goal is to raise money in order to buy a Solar Panel and offer it to the Ministry of Environment in Lebanon in order to emphasize the importance of preserving our environment.

Nice music to our ears
During this event, there will be an amazing performance by the Lebanese musician Habib Alberto and his amazing fiddle accompanying us as well :)

How to RSVP
So please, if you're in Lebanon, show up and bring your offline friends. You can RSVP here

Thank you for showing up and spreading the word on your blogs, come and bring your friends.


  1. Love the idea of presenting the solar panel to the Minister - but will it shame him?

  2. blumh counting on you amiga, come and bring everyone! hehe

    Mita, honestly? I doubt :P but I hope it does