Sunday, October 10, 2010

From Beirut with Funk

As you can see above, "From Beirut with Funk" is the new name for the blog. After surveys, polls, flipping coins and such, I finally decided to change the old name "Independence05 Blog" to this.

Now, as many pointed out, the definition of "Funk" isn't that positive. It has many definitions that's for sure, has to do with music, with the way of dressing, way of feeling, and more. Therefore, and on this blog, hopefully Funk will be reported in a positive way.. from Beirut.

p.s. header photo is taken by me, yesterday afternoon from our house. It oversees Beirut, in a funky manner, but it's still Beirut ahead.

So, stay tuned. Oh, and the launching of the new name is really coincidental with the date, 10/10/10 :P I swear!


  1. Congrats on the rebranding...

    But are you changing your URL or anything??

  2. Thanks M.

    Tarek, no the URL stays, I felt like it's a big step at this point, since it's pretty recognized in the search engines... I might lose traffic :/

  3. Congratulations Lil! The name is a great change and the header image looks great too (Maybe you should just crop the crane on the right?) Good luck :)

  4. mabrouk! :D
    but concerning the crane, i think you should keep it. cranes are part of beirut's landscape...

  5. Thanks Sareen, but as didie said, I actually took the crane on purpose, I had several version of the photo and I cropped it this way on purpose.. I think though that I might change the header every month or though.. would be funky :P

  6. Mabrouk!
    Regarding moving the domain, I used to think like you that it will lead to losing traffic and page rank, but someone told me that there IS actually a way to do it while preserving everything, even your position in search results, just google more about it..

  7. From Beirut with Funk it is! Glad to see you back and in full swiiiiiiiing!

  8. Rami, thanks for the tip, will check it out.. :)