Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blog Action Day in 2 days, are you ready?

This is just a reminder for everyone, and I mean everyone, who is a blogger or can use micro-blogging sites (such as twitter) and social networks (such as facebook) to blog and talk about Water on October 15th.

To register your blog please register it here. This is taking part of the global initiative Blog Action Day. For a round-up on last year's check my post on it here.

Now, some bloggers seem to be indifferent about the subject, I would like to just say 3 things:
1- Water is life, so with no water...
2- We are very close to facing even a bigger water problem in very near-by years
3- You're smart, so research it, and check what is currently happening in many poor countries, also check the water status in your country or region and write about it

And as Bruce Lee says: "Be water..." but.. not contaminated right?

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