Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Car accidents and fatalities on the rise, do something about it

Imagine... can it get worse?
Imagine getting a phone call telling you that your brother, sister, son, daughter, cousin has died in a car crash.
Even worse, imagine learning about a tough traffic caused by a deadly accident, and the car that had this accident, matches the description of your friend or family member's car...
And even worse, watching it on the news and hearing the name of a person you know.

Facts and Figures
In the year 2009, by August, the number of fatalities was 7327, and this year, it's 7635. Wanna do the math? Or I do it for you?
(Source: – Red Cross Lebanon)

If you see the figures here, you see that the numbers of fatalities are increasing per year in Lebanon.

Minister Ziad Baroud is calling to do something about it, now to be honest I am not following up on the news of this "call", but I check online and well... I see what I see on the streets. And it feels like nothing is being done.

Specific reasons, simple solutions
There are two reasons in my opinion that are causing the most accidents:
1- Drunk driving
2- Our stupid traffic lights, our stupid electricity, the traffic street laws violations

When you drink, you have more alcohol in your blood, and you tend to react slower to things, as simple as that, so mitlak mitel ghayrak, don't say that alcohol doesn't effect you.

Solution for reason #1:
1- Drink, but don't drive <==> having a designated driver in your group
2- If all of you want to drink, order a cab
3- Don't drink, or just have one

Solution for reason #2:
Both the government and the drivers should be responsible of:
1- Driver: Don't cross a red light. STOP DOING IT.
2- Driver: We need electricity on all traffic lights, this is just plain ridiculous to stop at one and sit there like an effin idiot on the next wondering what to do
3- Driver: Don't cross the green light before making sure an idiot isn't crossing the red light
4- Government: Start giving more tickets, to speeding cars, to cars that cross red lights (*coughs* Tabaris crossroad has a police car there that does nothing while drivers break the law, they sit there and play with their phones, seen them with my own eyes)
5- Government: Cut the effin corruption in Lebanon, the police individuals and the like, we have many, why don't we see them on the streets? Where are they? (Why do we have 4 policemen in one car, if they arrest someone, where do they put him? Should we go ahead and give them our MP3 collection and a Bass player for their cars to pump it up and cruise the streets of Lebanon and "yjaglo" 3al sabaya?)

What can you do?
One final request to all my readers, I was recently asked to include a slide mentioning an ex-colleague of ours who died in the Damour accident this month in a presentation prepared for the staff. So I decided to include slides on the statistics of car accidents in Lebanon and to plead my colleagues to be careful while driving.

So please, if you can do the same in your workplace, university, scouts associations, club etc... A reminder, never hurts. 

Final thoughts
Is there anyone of you who doesn't at least know a person who died in a car crash?

Do you want to be the next person who receives a call of a dear one dying a horrible death?
Worse, do you want to be the idiot who kills others? While you survive!


  1. We can never have enough of posts like this to remind everyone of the horror car accidents cause and the waste of lives. One phone call and your life has changed forever, just because one person wants to drink and drive or thinks he/she is too smart to stop at a red light. So yes, please drive carefully, warn friends if you are in a car with them, don't get in a care with someone who has been drinking, try and get them to take a taxi... Be safe :-)

  2. On the issue of speeding tickets: Don't just give speeding ticket in the Downtown area where people are breaking the 50km/h limit by doing 70km/h in the middle of the day. Yes, that's important, but that that's not exactly a priority if you want to save lives.

    How about looking at statistics of where the deadliest accidents have happened (just looking into data from a couple years back should draw some sort of behavioral pattern), and put police patrols on these roads where they can pull people over in case of speeding or suspicion of drunk driving.

    Great post Lilo, good to have you back ! :)

  3. Well i dont know someone who died in a car accident but in 2000, I got a car accident, just scratches, it was a miracle to get alive from a car crash (i wasnt the driver)

    Anyway, to come back to the numbers, as a matter of comparison, we have nearly 4500 for a population of more then 60 millions. In lebanon 7000 for 4 millions. Germany is nearly equal to France for 80 nearly 90 millions.

    The difference btw france and germany is not about speed but about discipline.
    In France, we do not have lights on the highway (nor in Germany as far i do remember), it is not about lights on the highway if we compare to Lebanon but about discipline and Roads infrastructures.

    How many accidents in lebanon are occuring because of the road infrastructure?
    I began my comment by talking about my car accident. the reason why we got the car accident wasnt about being drunk even if we were speeding but because the road was ending and there wasnt any signalisation to prevent accidents.
    How many times for exemple the road as not well equilibrated, the rain season will occur soon, how many times our asphalt is not done correctly to prevent cars to slip down etc...

    As a subject aside, I am wondering from a long time how much traffic jams are costing in term of wasted working hours, stress, in term of gazoline spent for nothing, etc...
    Everytime i was asking this question to some specialists, they were telling me such statistics are not existing because of a policy in the 1990's in favor of the roads VS public transportation. One guy even told me about his meeting with Rafic Hariri and how he saw his report in favor of train transportation was thrown in a trash.

  4. Oh frenchy you're kidding? damn... well from experience, roads that usually take me 10-15 minutes, during rush hours takes me 1 hour sometimes. I know people who while going to jbeil or tripoli, double their time on the road if not 2.5 times.

    And you are very right, we have many accidents due to a deep pot hole on the road etc... Why I insisted on the traffic lights, is because many accidents are being caused by it. And there is of course, the speeding "anywhere"

    Fadi, 100%, they only give tickets in Beirut.. how stupid... where they're a lot of traffic and no one is speeding or whatever. I am glad to be back but I feel rusty btw lol

    Mich thanks, be safe yourself :)

  5. Driving need our full attention, looking away for a second can cause an accident. This includes things like changing the stereo, using a mobile phone, interacting with passengers and even felling sleepy while driving all that can leads us to an accident.
    Safety Signs

  6. Car crashes are raising day by day and even after so much caution still we are at the same place. Vehicles that are invented these days are equipped with several features like sensors that can alert us before we prone to any crash and can be helpful to avoid accidents up to some extent. Also there are some safety features that can prevent the passengers in the car to be injured. After so much technical advancement, still the accident ratio are increasing from the past years. I completely agree withe the reasons that you have mentioned as the vital reasons of accidents. Thanks for posting such a nice article. After reading and analyzing it, people will definitely be interested to take the possible steps to avoid crashes around them.