Monday, August 23, 2010


Countries that don’t require VISAS from Lebanese
Anyway, over here you can find the visa requirements for Lebanese to all countries including those that do not require a visa (recently joined by Turkey) and those who can simply issue you one once you land in their country (such as Armenia, to which I will be going to soon, *happy dance*).

Other interesting countries that don’t require a visa from us Lebanese are: Bolivia, Ecuador, Haiti, Malaysia, Nepal, Maldives, Madagascar… Nice eh?

One of the things I used to envy when I see American movies, is when persons arrive to the airport, choose a random destination and immediately buy a ticket and go there. I always wished we can do such a spontaneous thing as Lebanese with only a Lebanese citizenship.

Hmmm, now this inspires me to write another post, about having more than one passport. Coming soon.


  1. One of the reasons I love my Canadian passport :D

  2. Thanks for sharing this and rubbing it in our faces :P

  3. Hey if the Lebanese passport actually let me go places, I would definitely use it. But like you said, VISAs are a hassle and we should try to diplomatically negotiate easier entry into certain countries. I would at least expect France through our historic ties to make it easier. Oh wait, the giant bureaucracy of the EU stands in the way -_-

  4. Well at least I can now plan a trip to Malaysia with only having to worry about the ridiculous airfare expense! :D

  5. Yeah, can't say that is a very attractive list. And I have to agree, I'm surprised that you still have to go through the process of getting a visa to go to France.

    Most countries likely still maintain the policies they enacted when there were a lot of Lebanese migrating to other countries because of the war..Many Lebanese still might migrate today, but because of other reasons, like opportunity..

    Even so, it's about time that either visa issuing agencies got their act together, or countries change their policies toward the Lebanese..

  6. Yeah you're right Dani, actually the example I gave about having been to the same country 5 times, is an experience with a friend of mine with the French embassy yeah!

    Such a waste of time, taking days off to go prepare the papers, and days off to go apply for the visa, then days off to go pick up the visa...

    All that and still not sure if you're gonna get the visa, I mean you have your ticket and waiting like an idiot as your vacation or trip might have to be canceled the last minute

  7. The only reason I would ever want another passport is the visa issues. Nothing else, as I'm satisfied with being Lebanese and don't care to (at least partially) be anything else.
    There are a lot of places I want to go to, and can afford going to but don't really have the large bank accounts to prove it. It feels like they want to make sure you're not going to go there and starve or whatever, and that's fair, but make it a bit easier since, believe it or not, not everyone who goes to your country would like to stay there.
    I've been to Malaysia and you can't imagine how great it was to just get it stamped at the airport. It felt nice for a change.
    There's also Seychelles that don't require you to get a visa. A country I'd love to go to!

    /end of rant.

  8. Riham, the start of your comment was the subject of my next post :) hehe I totally agree with you on this one.

    I hope more countries join the list.. nshalla kheir

  9. I noticed you missed Jordan, Bahrain and Sultanate of Oman, where you get the visa on arrival using your Lebanese passport.