Thursday, August 05, 2010

How many Thank You hand wave's did you receive today?

Okay, we all established that driving manners in Lebanon is becoming more and more of a nightmare. No more respect, no more kindness, it's a jungle out there in deed.

"Kil meen, ido ilo"

Anyway, what I was thinking about today, is how often do we throw our car in front of another car and not let it pass, and then wind up blocking it because the traffic is stuck, or not necessarily blocking it, but really, would it have made a difference to let it pass? What, we're talking 10 seconds here!

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Let the car pass, slow down, look out, maybe you will be blocking a road. I won't go into details, especially the Square blocking, oh my god, this is the ultimate stupidity evidence; the 4th car is the stupidest, yet the 3rd is also very stupid, you have to anticipate the possibility of a stupid 4th.

Just strive for that "wave" hand gesture you get as a thank you when you let a car pass or get out of its parking spot, or whatever.

I am personally working on becoming a kinder driver, I hope you do so too. Trying to cut down on giving and/or receiving the below hand gesture:


  1. I tried being a good driver in Syria but I ended up being insulted by everyone driving behind me for letting people pass. So I just use public transport and walk. Saves me the drama and quite frankly, I enjoy walking more!

  2. I definitely AM a nice driver. I always use the waving, the thank u-s, and the smiles.

    As for those idiots who honk as SOON AS the light turns green and others who just can NOT drive, I roll my eyes, try to block it out and remain calm :P

    But if someone's bein a TOTAL asshole...they have another thing cumin :P

  3. I try being a good driver. I was one before moving to Lebanon. But I had to learn how to drive the lebanese way and to relearn the road rules. It is a jungle out there. Sometimes you can help it being ill-mannered because other drivers sense ur fear or hesitation.

  4. hehe true in some places you can't BUT throw you car in front of others or you never pass... I just meant in ordinary normal roads.

    I hate when they honk because I let people pass, but as Beirut Boy said, I roll my eyes, or give em the finger.. so basically I balance the TU Wave with the Middle Finger !

    As for immediately honking when it goes green... akh.. don't get me started

    but either ways, will really keep trying to be kind...

  5. i hate driving !!!!
    Nice post
    And u just reminded me of what Sartre says:
    "Hell... is the others"

  6. Liliane, I don't recommend making that finger sign a habit. You might get away with it sometimes because you're a girl (sexist comment, but it's a fact). And make sure there's always a policeman nearby when you do it ;)

    There are crazy people out there, some of the service drivers are retired ex-militants with half a brain (which I don't blame them for after going through the war), they don't mind going crazy on you if you trigger them.

    We just want you alive :) whoever honks and screams at you, just look the other way, don't stress yourself, it's not worth it

  7. Hehe Slim, I don't do the middle finger sign, maybe once every 3 years, on the contrary, didn't you grasp in this post my positivity and encouraging people to be nice ;)

    Thanks for your concern though !!!

    Pascal: Sartre... is a wise man