Monday, August 09, 2010

Eye of the Nemr

Nemr is back from the US after being there for almost 5 months, and just did his first show since he's back in Edde Sands Jbeil on Sunday August 8th. I was one of the lucky people to have attended this show. The place was full!

Opening act was done by the half Lebanese half Australian Anthony Salameh, hilarious accent, that alone made me laugh, he's a very funny dude, look up for him whenever he's in your region.

A bit later came Nemr on the beats of Snoop Dog's song, which was "respect"! He started off too strong, too funny, everyone was cracking up like crazy. All I can say is, next time you hear Nemr doing a show in your town, make sure you attend, I guarantee you LLL --> long loud laughs!

Nemr "demonstrating" how a molesting uncle greets :P

Later on, I sensed that Nemr was getting pissed, and let me tell you why. He told us how he told some people about Lebanese nightlife and how awesome it is; so those friends of his started searching on youtube for some videos, and apparently they stumbled on Jad Choueiry's video. Not sure if the below is the one Nemr was talking about, but in my opinion, it's equally bad as the one he mentioned.

Okay so yeah.. people.. Lebanon is not about bombs and wars and political clashes, let Jad Choueiry tell you otherwise.. and the otherwise for him turned out to be:
- Booz
- Tattooes
- Very awkward and weird dancing
- Booties
- Boobs
- Thongs and sex
- ek.. ce...te...ra

I completely understand Nemr's frustration. For me, I always hated representing Lebanon as the land of bitchiness, apparently, this is what's being shown to the world, that we are the center of sexual trend, beach parties in the midst of the day that include dirty dancing and crap like that.

Yet, I'd like to see someone make a video about what really makes Lebanon such a great place. We don't have to imitate the west to show that we are "cool". This has been many Lebanese's complex, sure we have a nightlife, sure we're more open minded than neighboring countries, but this is not us, it is part of us, we have other values that are being buried under toilet seats and these are the values that we want to show.

Anyway, back to our topic: "Nemr". Welcome back to Lebanon, and for those of you fans out there, you can stalk Nemr on twitter, on facebook, and check out his blog.

This is Nemr with a fan, who set up his wikipedia page 


  1. Anthony Salameh's hilarious accent is the ACTUAL accent of Lebanese Australians living in Sydney, New South Wales. Those Lebanese are the butt of jokes from fellow Australian Lebanese! "Habib's Bro" :)

  2. Nightlife is nightlife anywhere. It's not better in Dubai or any other cosmopolitan city. But people like Jad and odd TV shows do their best to portray otherwise.

  3. Completely agree,
    And it's very frustrating to see some Lebanese trying to endorse this bad image.

    Anyway, wish I was here for Nemr's show :)

  4. Me too! I wish I would have gone with you to see the show! I love comedy! Glad you had a good time..Don't worry, I'll make a video of Lebanon one day, that you will be proud of!

  5. Stay tuned, Nemr will definitely be doing new shows soon in Lebanon and in the region, he also has an online surprise for all of us