Wednesday, August 04, 2010

August 3rd Clash - Don't touch the tree

In case of war in Lebanon, Syria said it will stand by its sister. How exactly? Like they did before? What will Arab do? Isn’t this another grand déjà vu?

What was yesterday? Just a clash? A mistake? A preview? A role play ran by the oblivious Lebanese Army and the tree-cutting squad? A distraction from the international court’s declaration concerning Hariri Assassination?

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Many theories indeed, but Nasrallah did say that next time, it will stand by its Lebanese Army. We were all happy to see that Hizballah didn’t interfere yesterday, meaning a war was prevented. But now that Nasrallah promised it will next time Israel cuts a tree… We should embrace ourselves.

Again, all that can just be talk, a pawn has been moved, unfortunately, the chessboard… is always Lebanon.


  1. they came and they did cut the tree which was the reason of yesterday events
    what was the use of israeli attacks from the first place
    hizbullah should assist lebanese army in any conflict israeli army is emopowered unlike lebanese hizbulah wont be the reason to initiate the war israel is waiting for the right time to strike

  2. Well I can tell you that amidst all of the "don't worry eat chocolate," "Mabrouk it's your first border clash," "don't worry, want to go for a drink?" I was a little nervous..I would feel better if no one cut trees in the future..why do they need to do maintenance anyway..what are they? Gardeners? I don't get it..

    I just hope nothing more comes of this thank you!

  3. Just so that everyone keeps things in perspective. It wasn't just about the tree! They wanted to remove the tree to install cameras instead, within the Lebanese borders. Israel will claim it's just scheduled maintenance, but that's just bullshit. The Lebanese government received the request from the Israeli army to remove the tree and install cameras and the government refused to grant permission. So it's not about gardening nor 'maintenance'.
    And this definitely shows arrogance from the Israeli side to think that they could pull such a stunt. But that's nothing new to us is it?
    Yesterday was not a preview, was not role play, was not a test. It was a stupid miscalculated step. The israelis claimed they were shocked by the response. That is a stupid statement, but i believe it's an honest one. Probably the only honest thing they've said in a very long time.
    I'll let you in on something you might not have heard: The 2006 war was not an Israeli war backed by the US, it was an American war executed by the Israeli army. In fact, Israel did NOT want to go through that war and was pressured by the US. Many factors go into this, including Bush's term reaching its end and not having anything to show for it and many other specifics. Anyway, I mention all this to show you that there needs to be a lot more factors in place to start another big scale war, and we're not there yet. I'm not saying it will never happen, but if you analyze the situation you'd see yesterday's skirmish has only one point of value and that is the fact that the Lebanese army actually did something and proved to us once more that it's an institution we all should be proud of.
    As for you needing to embrace yourselves and be weary of the future, we'll have to revisit that on August 9th ;)

  4. I've always been irritated when the egyptian politicians who visited lebanon referred to it as a feminine name and only them do that, while in arabic grammar lebanon is a masculine name. Now I see "the time" are doing that too.
    Syrian politicians always say "lubnan al shaqiq" referring to it as a masculine name. English doesn't put lots of emphasis on the gender of things but in languages that do like french it's masculine: Le Liban.

    Sorry if I was annoying by my previous note, anyway regarding yesterday's clash I guess ppl like to make lots of analysis and talking in the media and TV especially those who have talking as a profession.

    What the israelis did yesterday is not new, they almost do it everyday, the army had the chance to retaliate this time and decided to do so to keep dignity and honor, it really sucks to be dressed in a uniform, see stuff happen and just watch it without doing your job, it's humiliating, that's why the soldiers fought with big hearts and inflicted casualties.
    So for me it's just a technical incident that happened on the ground.

  5. It is definitely not about gardening, we all know it's about the camera, it's just that mentioning cutting a tree, is a nice way to ridicule the situation.

    Rany, true, actually I know very well that Loubnan is actually a masculine name, it's Syria that we refer to as "sister", I was surprised by that when I read the article myself.

    BC, I agree with you on the miscalculated step, I do believe they thought the Leb Army will eat Bizir while watching them chop that tree off, the Leb Army showed them :)

    Thanks for your comments everyone.