Monday, July 12, 2010

Why Summer Schedule is bad for ya

Management's memo:

1- If you leave 2 to 3 hours earlier, you'll have to fill your time, so you'll end up spending more money.. So, we're helping you save!
2- You get exposed to more sun for longer hours.. not good for your skin. We want you to remain healthy.
3- You'll have to give more thought into what to do during these extra times... Which adds more confusion to your life. You're better off without this unnecessary complication!
4- Everyone else is on summer schedule, meaning if you get out with them, you get stuck in traffic. Therefore, you avoid traffic! Hein? *wink wink*
5- If you get off early you will have to put up with family and friends whom you're trying to avoid. Again, You're most WELCOME!

p.s. This story is not inspired from a true story. I repeat, if it sounds like anything remotely similar to a true story, it's by mere coincidence. (don't tell my boss :P)


  1. i cant nag on something i dont have :(

  2. To management:
    Awww.... how thoughtful... You shouldn't have... No, really... YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE!!!

  3. And ... ANDDD ... you get to tease all the other suckers who leave 3 hours before you!
    ha! who needs a life?

  4. haha! it's all clear now... Thank God we don't have a summer schedule!!

  5. HAHAHAyyy. This is good stuff. That's why I keep coming back for more :o)

  6. again :P I repeat, not based on a true story lol.

  7. Hahahaaa.. I agree it's not based on a true story at all!! and I love summer schedule a lot!... NOT

  8. i dont have a summer schedule !! I WANT ONE ! I WANT ONE ! :(