Thursday, July 29, 2010

Syria & Saudi Arabia, welcome, weltraffic

Apparently (and because I don't follow political news at all) the president of Syria and King of Saudi Arabia are visiting Lebanon (why?) tomorrow. As you can see, George Chehwan (who's that?) took it upon himself to display Welcomes to those presidents on huge billboards and Syrian and Saudi flags on the road. 

Anyway, for us, the poor Lebanese people, it means one thing and one thing only:


My colleague Chadi sent me these photos which he took on his way back from work today and thought it would be funny if I shared it with my dear readers. So big thanks to you Chadi!


  1. The Bachar billboard reminded me of 14th march billboard same font and colors (at first glance i felt it's saying something like: Syria out, or al-7akika li ajl lobnan or I love life) .. odd, ma hek?

  2. There's also another one for Qatar saying : El Beit Beitkon" or something like that. Don't the Lebanese like to kiss ass or what?

  3. Welcome to Lebanon, where licking ass is a national sport :) (for a borderline homophobic country, that's kinda weird)
    Actually I had to be at the airport around the time these big heads of state were landing, naturally I thought I was gonna miss my flight, so I called the darak and they said no roads will be close. And guess what? It was true, I got to the airport real easy. What happened after that, I don't know, hope if wasn't too bad for you guys...

  4. heard they closed it for 4 hours, but they transported them in a helicopter lol