Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Stay away from Octavia you unfair people

May I add to what my blogging colleague Mustafa has said in his post about Octavia and which really describes her amazing relationship with the region, the ordinary people such as us and the activists. This post came after her expressing her sadness over Fadlallah's death a couple of days ago in a tweet on her twitter account:

"Sad to hear of the passing of Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah.. One of Hezbollah's giants I respect a lot..#Lebanon"

Apparently, there are some people following Octavia on her every step, so they can take advantage of a simple compassionate tweet and claim her head. They obviously want her out of CNN.

I am quite sure CNN will simply ignore them. But this doesn't mean I should let such a silly incident go by without saying those 4 points:

1- We met Octavia, she is such a down to earth lady, so smart, so charismatic, simply a beautiful soul
2- Octavia connects with us, the ordinary people, it's a give and take relationship, and she helps us like there's no tomorrow
3- She's smart, she understands the region and the politics of it very well, she's objective and she manifests her presence in such a strong and charismatic way
4- She's Lebanese, and not a terrorist or a terrorist supporter. You guys who are trying to get her because of what she said about Fadlallah, require at least a century of knowledge and history before you understand such a tweet. So please, go do something you understand, such as propaganda.. oh wait! This is what you're doing!

One more thing, showing respect is something, supporting is something else. Way to go American Democracy, you preach the world yet you can't digest a different point of view?

Octavia, you got our support... #justsayin

Edited: Please read here Octavia Nasr's excellent explanation of her 140 character tweet which unleashed those quickly jumping judging people, true that 140 characters can really be misunderstood, but is it enough to rage a war on a person?


  1. usually, narrow minded and weak people try to twist words in order to reach their goals, or incase they didn't they will be ok, and satisfied by the mess they caused.

    CNN would be unprofessional and hypocrite if they take any course of action against Octavia...

    and as liliane said: "
    Octavia, you got our support... #justsayin"

  2. People are sick..sitting their waiting to pounce on people as innocent as Octavia like friggin' famished could they crucify her for something like this? It is despicable is what it is, especially after all of her unbiased reporting on behalf of CNN. They should be ashamed. I truly hope that Octavia emerges triumphant despite all of the negative backlash..

  3. This makes me sick..these people who lie in shadows waiting to pounce on innocent people like Octavia. What the hell is wrong with everyone. Especially after she has given so many years of unbiased service to the CNN? People sicken me sometimes..I really hope that Octavia emerges triumphant over this!

  4. I am sorry to say that my opinion is different than yours Lilliane and most of your readers. Yes I support Octavia, but I would not have used the word "Respect" and I was not saddened by the passing of Fadlallah. Any person (Fadlallah) who orders the killing and the knidnapping of innocent people does not have my respect and I will never call him a great man. At least Ms Nasr admitted that it was poor judgement on her behlaf, and that alone makes me support her even more.
    What surprised me the most is how people started jumping and branding those who dissagreed with them traitors and Zionist, but not one single mention to the fact that Lebanon has one less terrorist to worry about. No I was not saddened by his passing, on the contrary I was relieved.

  5. Before I get crucified, allow to point out that Fadlallah was not only responsable for the American Barracks attack and the kidnapping of many foreigners, but for the death of many Lebanese. So before some you start thinking that I am a trator or any other adjective you may use, remember that I speak of the fact that Fadlallah's reign of terror extended to LEBANESE!

  6. Quit blaming Americans. Lebanese are some of the biggest hypocrites in all the world.

  7. Most Americans don't care about Lebanon, Israel, or Octavia Nasr. Just because something about Lebanon pops up in the news and a few people criticize it doesn't mean it is newsworthy. We have more important things to worry about than some tiny country that contributes nothing to the world, aside from conflict. NOBODY is talking about it.

    Why should we care about your country? All you people is fight. That man murdered 200 of our Marines after YOU asked us to come.

  8. Anonymous 1, have some guts and use your real name :) So you know most Lebanese to draw that conclusion?

    Anonymous 2, if you have more things to worry about than what the hell are you doing on my blog talking about it :) hein? Yalla buzz off.

    And lol.. we create conflict? you do realize that the US is the most country that has been engaged in wars? And no one is defending Fadlallah, so don't mix arguments when you have nothing better to say. Also please use real name, or are you scared of something?

  9. Anonymous :

    kindly ask your country to get its diplomates,intelligence forces,workers and get the hell out of here

    i'd help you collect signature - you american are too good to care about lebanon - we would be thrilled if we can get rid of your lovely fatherly attention - we've been celebrating as nbre one touristic destination in the world and busy partying this summer is so obvious we play war cuz we just love to .

    your country is more than involved in this whole bloody region, and when we have wars, it is either your ally israel - or some militia funded by your country - you can extend my saying to half the world starting by the originally US funded ben-ladin to africa.

    now kindly, go back to playing world of warcraft , you already wasted too much attention

  10. OMG you guys.. I'm so glad we kept our Tweetups, that's all I'm going to say!!