Sunday, July 18, 2010

No, Picnic fairies that clean after people don't exist

Edited: I wrote this post almost a year ago when we had a picnic in Kannoubine Valley, last year I called them magic elves, same beauty, same scenario, different trash.

Citizen Journalism always in my heart
Blogging constantly makes us bloggers thinking about reporting what we see the whole time wherever we are, whether it's a beautiful thing or a disgusting thing.

How to make the choice
I am sitting here in front of my laptop wondering... whether to upload the nice photos I took in Nahr Ibrahim river, or the ugly ones. I am truly lost.

I want people to see the great places we have  in Lebanon, share my part in attracting tourists if they stumble on this post by chance, but at the same time I want to report the wrong things I see.

I chose to show you both
For that, I chose to upload both to show the contrast, and then it's up to you dear reader to choose which you like more, though I am confident that the readers and bloggers and us online people don't leave our trash out there, but maybe this will get to those who (I will not label or categorize at this point) do leave their trash out there.

Hope you had a good Sunday everyone, I personally got really pissed when I saw all this trash, it's sad when you see such a beautiful place get trashed by the same people who enjoyed it prior... So illogical.

p.s. The nice photos aren't probably that nice, I really wasn't inspired at all...


  1. So sad ! so ugly ! what the bloody fuck ! seriously - ma badeh 3aber 3an ra2yeh bisara7a bi heik post - bfadel dal seketeh

    to be practical and not just talk and sib - can we call baladiyeh and tell them to clean and add shi poubelle they regularly check and add signs that say to keep clean and such ?

    if i was in that baladiyeh,i'd have a shorteh bl manta2a on weekends to monitor and force ppl to clean

    wlek akh - 3inna a7la balad w khalayneh ysir mazbleh - 7arfiyan

  2. 2 years ago I went with some friends to Nhar Ibrahim and we had a blast. There was no one there (maybe one other group). and the area was clean. We made sure that everything we took there with us, came back with us. we did not leave anything behind, we made sure we left the place the way we found it because it is truly and nice spot.
    This year we went to the Jehliyeh area and honestly it's "ism 3a mousamma" type of stuff... the people who were there were honestly ignorant and bad mannered. The upside of the Jehliyeh area is that the places by the river are private spots that have a crew of people looking after it, they provide you with the necessities and supposedly clear after you.
    In all honesty, the behavior of the people we saw there was discouraging. And that reflects a general culture of certain people in Lebanon who do not give a flying f*** about others and the country and how their behavior affects others.
    It's a shame!
    People need to learn to take up responsibility for everything they do :(

  3. i think they think they're Napoleon..apre moi deluge ..

  4. People who leave trash behind our just "ignorant".

    Raising awareness about this issue is not enough.

    Ignorant ppl will keep on shitting where they eat. The government should take action and clean those places.

    Waiting for ppl to take responsibility and clean up all by themselves?...Seriously?

  5. This is a damn shame..

    Even if you haven't been educated in the harmful effects of pollution and littering..there is something inherently, humanly wrong in polluting the environment with your garbage!! And everyone knows that! How disgusting.

    Are there any laws in place that govern this sort of thing? Can these people be fined?

    I admire you for having the courage to show both sides, both faces of every situation..

    You always keep it real.

  6. You should forward this post to the ministry of tourism and other officials. I blame them as much as I blame the scumbags who are destroying the country's beautiful nature.

    What a shame!

  7. guymeetsworld at least we can rant here :S

    Arabianism, how can we let the authorities know? how can i forward this to them or at least voice this

  8. We do try to remind people to practice "good earth" when picnicking, but I do appreciate your reminder. Maybe we should just make it a habit to pack a clean up bag with our goodies.