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Beiruf Bouncer... who are you exactly to judge someone?

FIFA's message for the 2010 Worldcup

Remember the post I wrote "And so we're racist", that followed the Ethiopian plane crash in Beirut and how families of Lebanese victims were favored over the Ethiopian ones?

I come to you today with another story, with another "factual and real" story that only took place very recently on Friday July 2nd in Beiruf Club.

Location: Beirut
Place: Beiruf Club
Date: Friday July 2nd, 2010
Incident: Racism

Beiruf's Incident - What really happened
A friend of mine, let's call him S, being the nice Lebanese touristic guide he is (aren't we all very hospitable? oh what great trait the Lebanese possess), reserved a big table at Beiruf persons, to show a friend and his non-Lebanese friend, the wonders of Lebanese night life, the joy, the drinks, the dancing, the amazing music... Isn't that what lately we Lebanese have been priding ourselves with?

So 7 of his friends made it inside before him, later when S and his 2 friends, arrived and found themselves standing in front of the big bald long goatee bouncer "Tony", he scans everyone and in particular the non-Lebanese visitor, then tells them that the reservation (which is under S's name) is full. So my friend calls his friends inside, who inform him that there is still place for them. He tells the Bouncer that, yet the Bouncer refuses and kept saying "It's full"... then pauses for a second and replies to S: "But you can go in if you want!"

Maybe the floor manager thinks differently
So my friend, still believing that it's a matter of misunderstanding, goes in and talks to the manager "Fady", but to no avail.. The only thing the manager said was:

"The bouncer only lets neat and elegant looking people in and leaves "the rest" out!"

After a long back and forth discussion, my friend's remark was to the manager: "Is the bouncer your boss, or are you his?"

Apparently the Bouncer to a nightclub is like the king to a palace.

Is it because she's black?
Meanwhile, while S was talking to the manager, the bouncer let 4 more people in to S's table.

Finally, he decides to level with the floor manager and confronts him: "Can you tell me what really gives here and why you're not letting my friends in? Is it because she's black?"

The floor manager turns his face away and says nothing... This is when S lashes out and screams, but really? Will it matter what he says to the prejudiced and racist person?

The owner's indifference
Later on, S's friends ran into Joe Ashkar, the nightclub's owner, told him what happened… Nonetheless, he did not give a flying damn. Because really... being rude to a black person is not a problem... After all, she's inferior to us.

Lebanese - The supreme and superior race
So is this how we treat our visitors? Have we become that low to discriminate people by race? Tony? Fady? You think you are better than other people?

This is complete and utter stupidity. I am ashamed.

And there is more to it
What's sad is that the girl got interested in the Arabic culture since 9/11, and she went to Qatar to study Arabic, met S's friend and was nicely invited to visit Lebanon which she really is fond of. Nevertheless and within her first day in Lebanon, she got discriminated twice.

What's sad is that on that same day, she went shopping for a dress, a nifty "neat and elegant" looking one especially for the Beiruf night out, and after she had waited in line to pay for that dress (who might I add, a pretty expensive one!), as soon as she reached the cashier, she got cut off by another woman! After she had protested to the cashier, he completely ignored her like she was "nothing", like she doesn't matter as a human being.

We actually refer to black people as slaves
So yeah, apparently anyone in Lebanon is better than "black" people... Yeah, actually, may I remind you dear reader, that many of us in Lebanon still refer to "black" people as "3abed" in Arabic which means "slave" in English.

I've even heard them with my own ears while I was in the US, even some Lebanese expatriates who have been living in the US for more than 30 years, refer to them that way.

Maybe it's by ignorance, but it's time to get it
I understand that many do it by ignorance, but come on.. in an era of internet, of globalism, of knowing each other's culture through TVs and documentaries and live streaming.. come on!

True that there are actually Americans or any other nationality out there who are still racist, but just because there are racist people out there doesn't give us the right as Lebanese to remain racist. And please stop blaming everything on our civil war.

Snap out of it. SAY NO TO RACISM.

A favor I ask from all bloggers and readers
Every time something like this happens please inform one of the bloggers or write about it yourself, especially by mentioning the place's name.

Let's report racism. Power to the people.

Disclaimer: I personally thought it is a given, but I will write it and be more specific... Please note that many Lebanese are not racist. Please check my comment here for more elaboration. Thank you.


  1. Bravo! Yes, "Say no to racism"!!! What a shame that it still exists...

  2. I'm saddened by such incident. The fact the she was denied because she is African and the fact that the club only lets is "neat and elegant looking people" is just pathetic and shameful.

    Then again, what did we expect from a country that sells a product called sif el 3abed?

  3. Can I suggest a solution?

    Let's create stickers, the size of an A3 paper, and write on it "we're a racist club" or "we're a racist store", we'll go to this place when it's closed and stick these posters all over the entrance.

  4. Dear Liliane nice post but not all Lebanese are racist ..maybe you are talking about a different kind of people who think that nude models are the best and who think that going naked in a video clip is something artistic and open when they have a closed mind and judge people by the color. ..i wish if you can edit your post because we have many educated open mind people that aren’t racist and never judge the book by its cover.

  5. Joe, I am Lebanese and I wrote the post about racism, S is Lebanese and he was saddened by this incident and he's supporting "No to racism" and has been trying to raise awareness about it..

    I thought it's a given that not all Lebanese are racists, it's just a form of writing? But truth is, many are... and it should be talked about. Let's stop hiding behind our fingers.

  6. It's a shame that such an incident should happen in Lebanon, a country that boasts its hospitality and tourism! SHAME SHAME SHAME on such a person and the management that put him there and condoned his behavior. Such people should be put on leashes!

  7. it is as if you are saying that the policeman that organizes the traffic is responsible for solving lebanon's road congestion.

    What is the education level of a bouncer...
    what is the education level of a policeman on the streets....

    common sense is very much influenced by education....

    and when you have none, then such judgements occur....a black woman in lebanon is most probably a house maid....thus not meeting the bouncer's standards for entry....

    the main question here should be, do you need to be elegant to enjoy night life....cause a few hours after drinking, smoking and'd start to sweat and smell like how elegant is that?!

  8. As disgusting and as despicable as this is, it is a sad reality all over the world, not only in Lebanon. I'll give you two other examples that I know of: My family comes from a tiny island in the Caribbean called Trinidad, where 45 percent of the populations is of African descent, 45 percent is of East Indian decent, and the remainder is of European descent..and yet, at many of the nightclubs in Trinidad, people of African and Indian descent, are 1. either denied entry 2. asked to pay more (when the club management/owners know full well that they aren't able to pay more) and they make up the ethnic majority!! And while many people are aware of this fact, there is no governing body to oversee that something is done regarding this overtly racist behavior. I believe it is the same in Lebanon's case. In Miami, there have been countless incidences of people not getting in because of their body shape/size.

    jeeeeze..people just want to have fun! Now they're being denied that as well?!

    It both saddens and enrages me, especially to hear that the person you spoke of above was so excited to experience Lebanon. I'm not Lebanese, and I'm embarrassed at the treatment that she received.

    @Bilal, I like your suggestion!

  9. Excellent post. A lot of people in Lebanon believe to be superior and unfortunately, it is as much about skin color as it is about foreign cultures.
    Also unfortunately, it is not only rooted in ignorance, but also rooted in what results from a deeply misguided youth with a sudden access to money, giving them the power to segregate, and that actually being the own means enabling them to do so.
    It happens way too often that someone of a different culture gets robbed and the police spends more time asking them how come they are of a different culture (or for example, why they're African or Italian) than asking them what happened.
    It is sad our only word for describing someone with darker skin is '3abed', or 'aswad'. I still prefer the more innocent 'el ktir asmar', with a hesitant finger pointed at their arm.

  10. Oh, and another this day and age, businesses need to be aware of the harm one mistreated person can cause their business - the next time someone does a search on "Beiruf" this lovely and informative article will come up!

  11. Pathetic and disgusting... I'll link this post to my blog if you don't mind...

  12. As much as I respect your post here and I have to strongly agree with you on several points, I urge you not to show the wrong image about Lebanon. We are not all racists. It's the lack of education that has led to that. I refuse anyone calling black people "slaves" around me, in fact every time someone does I correct them and tell them that's not the word for it, and I know many people like me (you being one of them, apparently). So please instead of saying we are hiding behind our fingers, let's do something about it. It's not our fault if many out there are racist. I don't think the youngsters are.
    I was really sad when I found out about this, I'm with you on going public, but while doing so, please do not forget that there's a large number of Lebanese people who are educated and who don't give a damn what skin color people around them have. We are also treated the same way when we fly abroad. We are considered terrorists. That's not racism? It's all over the globe, not just here. I'm with you and with her all the way, just not with showing that Lebanon is a racist country. It's not.

  13. Very sad and shameful. If she'd been a blond Scandinavian, they would have gotten a table upgrade. We're racist towards the darker nations but we're still suckers for the white face. Oh, and we cry foul when someone does it to us.

  14. What i really hate about what happened is that S's friends just sat inside welcoming each other enjoying their night while their friend was outside defending a cause,,, That's a story to blog about!

  15. such a shame!!!! it's disgusting to still have people like this!!!!

  16. Interesting article... but I heard that Lebanese discriminate heavily against Palestinians who are living there as well. So if Palestinians - whom are the same look and color as the Lebanese experience racism, then should it be really so surprising that stuff like this happens?

    Actually it is surprising, coz from my own experience as a black arabic male, 99% of the Lebs I have met hav been very educated (not ignorant) and open minded and have treated me as an equal. I am very VERY disappointed something like this is happening now in 2010.

  17. I feel really uncomfortable after reading this post, it is very sad that such behavior is still happening, not only in Lebanon, but worldwide. People still have in mind the old annotation to the word black, which is related to slavery and inferiority. In Lebanon, unfortunately a large portion of non-Lebanese are treated differently.
    On the other hand lets not forget the ones who are educated and who wouldnt agree on such shameful behavior. I am sure that such people exist in large numbers.
    Liliane I really like your post, it sums up many points that we all have in mind.

  18. Great Post Liliane, but you have to admit that our gov. are getting better. Last thing i heard that a women was put in prison for hiting her maid :) that makes me happy

  19. As disappointed as I am to hear this story... I am proud to see the Lebanese bloggers acting up in tweets and blogs alike. There is hope for our country. Do not give up.

  20. I was at this club on Saturday. That's a shame. I don't think i ever want to go back there again.

  21. SHAAAAAME on Joe Ashkar and SHAAAAME on Beiruf!

  22. @Devilmind, I agree on the "education" angle, I will definitely try to do more research into what makes many of us Lebanese racists, maybe ask a psychologist or a sociologist about the subject, we need experts' input here.

    @Dani, thanks for sharing your experience with us as well. It's sad to see a country in which their sons are from different descents and still faces such discrimination.

    That is why Lebanon has such a problem. Because we all come from one race, and the only time people from other races have come to Lebanon, the majority had a standard "job position" for them, and this is what encouraged the huge stereotyping.

    @Anonymous and @Joesbox, of course dears, of course not all Lebanese are racists, the proof of it is that we are all here condemning such an act. I know the article comes out as strong, but believe me, as a blogger and amateur writer, it is the only way to bring such strong attention to a serious issue we have in Lebanon!

    I know from myself, that I still stereotype because we were brought this way, it's all around us, don't forget that there is sectarianism rooted in us.. I know it's hard to admit or shake off.. but the first step into fixing something is to realize that there is a problem.

    @Dania yep we definitely stereotype.

    Great reason for us not to stereotype is the fact that we are treated differently sometimes abroad by some people.. we should know better, no?

    Thank everyone else for your input.

    And one more thing, @Joesbox and @Anonymous, I know this gives an unsatisfactory image about Lebanon, but this is not a good reason to hide it.. Nevertheless, it's the democracy that we have, to give and take to state our opinions such as you gentle people did that will rectify and put everything on track again.. hopefully :)

  23. When i first read ur post, i thought i was reading one of the novels written tens of years ago.

    Shame is the appropriate word to be said to the owner/bouncer/representatives of the mentioned club.

    As for the friend of S. i say you must know that not all Lebanese people are racist and stupid.

    I agree with you totally, it is so sad that we the Lebanese consider ourselves as tri-lingual and yet some of us don't know the difference in ARABIC of words like colored and slave.

  24. This was a v. good read.

    Thank u so much.

    The comments + some suggestions to fight this issue were amazing just the same, I think it needs a follow-up to conquer this!


  25. Shaggy is performing at Beiruf soon. I'm sure he'll cancel if he knew of this incident. How to get in touch with his agent? I can't find a contact e-mail address on his website.


  26. Unfortunately racism is a fact of life. Its everywhere, but regardless...please show this post to your friend 'S' and his black friend, just to show the disgust that most lebanese and arabs feel towards this behavior... I can imagine how bad that girl must feel now, so hopefully reading this post and its comments will be of a small consolation for her and she can return back from wherever she came from with a more positive view of us :-)



    ANY WAY we have many stupid racism people here in Lebanon

    But let us be clear about two things

    1st not all Lebanese people has this issue

    2nd racism for Lebanese came from an arrogance perspective they feel that they r above all "ya ard shtadi ma 7ada addi"

    They should close this BEIRUF: SS:

  28. This is a great post for such a noble cause. I will help you SAY NO TO RACISM in my way:
    If i were S, or will ever be put in the place of S.
    First i will ask all my friends to stand up and leave
    Second i will gather as many people as i can and try to make them listen to that conversation
    Third i will gently ask the manager if he minds that i go through his customers and do a little statistics
    Fourth and last I wouldn't have left before i made him and his bouncer apologize to my friend.
    So basically that will do, I would have left the club after having him apologize and never go back there again. Oh i said it again, anyway i mean it that much!!
    What do you think guys, is it feasible or what ?!?

  29. sometimes when things like these happen, i feel so ashamed that i'm Lebanese!!

    Joe & Tarek is this the way some1 should run his business?!?!
    well i guess from now on you won't have a business...

    Thank u Lilo for this gr8 post...mayb we should have a week for bloggers to write about this subject!


  30. That's very sad... It's even sadder at the Skybar door!

  31. I sent a msg to the 'Artist/VIP Manager and this was his reply:
    Patrick Zeinoun July 5 at 6:17pm walaw lynn, why r posting this issue on the wall and saying bad things,
    its not true if we where racists we would have haddaway and shaggy performing at beiruf, ba3den the person that did not enter beiruf was a matter of face control and dress code not racism ,walla 3eb.
    ba3den we already did a remix 3 years ago with carl cox who is black and i have black family. fa pls
    what u guys r saying is inappropriate.

  32. Lynn, I emailed Patrick myself and he did not reply. Of course they're not gonna be racist about the artists coming to perform and bringing them more crowd and thus more money!
    It wasn't a matter of face control or dress code coz I saw the girl myself and she was very presentable (she had already spent a couple of hundred dollars at Beirut Souks for her outfit). I saw much more sleazier people already in the club. If you can, please pass on the message to him w even give him my contacts ta yi7keeni doghri!

  33. Hello people, keep the momentum going, and your boycott (ie. dont spend your US dollars)

    Racism is sad to see and I would guess its due to the Lebanese insecurity complex; given how screwed up the country is, with no decent police or government! Is that not the case all over the Arab World, a lack of respect and a lack of responsibility, leading to the blame game? using religion race and color.

  34. This is just another example confirming that unfortunately a wide spectrum of our society is racist, disrespectful of others, ignorant and arrogant. Combine this with money and power.. A recipe for disaster!...which I beleive we are not very far off from..
    Worse is people who think that this is really what represents Lebanon: the glittery, shinning appearances of modernity, which in reality only mask racism and hypocrisy.

    Thanks for bringing this up, and raising the issue and the awareness of people to this and other forms of latent but engrained racism that surround us evrywhere we go around (though in different shapes and forms).
    keep it up

  35. Great post. The fact that racism and prejudice is universal does not make it acceptable so please continue to speak out against it and enlighten those who are still ignorant.

    I'm African- born and raised into a family where I was fortunate? to travel abroad for summers and be educated at posh 'international' schools..However it wasn't until I lived outside of my home country and the US that I was exposed to racism on a daily basis. Up until then my knowledge was/is mostly limited to books and television. It's ironic that the most closed minded, prejudiced people seem to be people who have been discriminated against.

    The rudest, most racist people I've encountered are often the uneducated, poor, unskilled and to be honest there have been times when someones mistreatment of me have brought a tear (or tears) of frustration to my eye.

    I feel sorry for all the people who are stuck on stereotypes and steeped in ignorance they miss out on great experiences with wonderful people. I'm young, beautiful, intelligent, gifted black and proud. The sky is not the limit for me- the inability of other people to see that will not limit me-It will only make me stronger...and better equipped to WIN.

    So to the lady who was discriminated against..keep your head UP, maintain your dignity, pride and belief in yourself. This will not be the last time someones tries to put you down or shut you out. If its within your power to do something about it please do but for those times when you can't let it go and focus on the people who love and appreciate your uniqueness.

    Thank God that human beings are not in control of our destinies...God is and He doesn't discriminate.

    I am not proud or worthy of respect because I have degrees from the best schools in the world or opportunities and money in the bank. I am proud because I am a child of God, a citizen of this great earth, my blood is African, my heritage and culture are rich, I have love and life...everyone should be proud of their background. The good and the bad. We are all human-noone is perfect and I should say that some of the best friends come from a background I had heard is very racist...I'm not naive enough to say that they're 100% prejudice free but through friendships they're learning I'm not the stereotypical "" and they are not the stereotypical "".

    Super long comment I know but I am passionate about people learning to accept and love each other for who they are and not what they look like. Discrimination needs to end..and Im talking about race, religion, sex...Lets all TRY to live, love and let live.

  36. Thanks everyone for your input and support for this.. hopefully we will try to raise more awareness on the racism subject.

    Special thanks for Anonymous of July 5 - 11:28 PM. Lengthy comment true hehe but thanks a lot for sharing your experience with that.. I am reading it and I am trying to put myself in your shoes and the shoes of every person who was discriminated against.. that's rough... truly rough.. :/

    You said it, and might I add to it: we were all born equal.

  37. May I also add that my friend S did do something about it, he actually mentioned this incident on twitter, and facebook, and shared the details of the incident with me which in turn I turned it into a post and shared it here. He truly hopes the word gets out there.

  38. All these comments :), i barely can find words to comment,i will sum them up in this sentence: I am with the cause 100%.. I will say with you:

  39. Very good post, thank you. I would like to add to the Lebanese who refuse to see beyond their goddamned noses: Check the newspapers and the reports on abuse of household help or what is commonly known as "sirilankiyet" (Srilanka citizens) regardless of their color or country of origin. For the commentators who stressed the education level of the bouncer, may I remind you that many of the household “Masters” and “Madames” enjoy a high level of education, but have a despicably low level of morality. Human rights remain an alien notion to them. So Please let us stop defending the wrongs of our society…

  40. The only un-neat and un-elegant people are the bouncers and the managers of those low life, materialistic and shallow clubs who rub people.
    And yeah, the lebanese women who go out almost naked, showing their underwears (thongs) under their micro skirts those are the neat and elegant Pros...;)
    Shame on them. open mindedness they call it, bull-shit... well I'd rather stay ignorant.

  41. such racist people dont even deserve to be housekeepers or even slaves. these people should be burnt alive.

  42. just posted this link on my wall

  43. It shocks me that S.'s friends just stayed inside. I think it would have been a great statement if they had collectively walked out... You could also go back there one evening wearing EXACTLY what S.'s friend was wearing - if they let you in, you have proof enough!

    I don't agree with the people who say this is a problem of un-educated Lebanese only - some of the biggest racists I know in Lebanon are university-educated.

  44. We Lebanese would probably tie with Israel as the most racist people on Earth.

    The title of the blog also says something by the way. If you refer by independence to a temporary marriage of a warlord, a convicted criminal and a non-Lebanese citizen with negative IQ, then this is a huge problem and solving it would be a first step towards approaching the Racism problem in Lebanon.

  45. @ Hussam

  46. This is so unfortunate. In many blogs and reputable newspapers, like the NY Times, Beirut is lauded as the place to go to. As an African-American woman this news is sad and disturbing. I've read that this treatment may happen at clubs, beach clubs and stores. Would any locals know of places to go in Beirut where I would be treated "fairly"?

  47. Hey go to gemmayze the pubs and bars there are very chill and you see different races and different backgrounds.Id hope that gemmayze is unlike those other places such as skybar or white where you get stared down to check whether your looking good enough to fit in with the "it" crowd.Honestly its very funny we still have those types of behaviours going on in our country. Its time to admit we're not civilized and are way back in terms of civil morality. Being judgged by a bouncer whose highest level of education might be school is not on my to do list over the weekend. Its simply pathetic!

  48. :) as stupid as it gets, the chick was not allowed in, and her friends where partying, thats what i call friendship not racism.

  49. Ano of July 12 4:18 pm, many actualy would welcome anyone no worries, its just some night clubs have bouncers who judge people so unfairly. you're definitely going to feel welcome here in Lebanon, I guarantee it :)

    But like anywhere in the world there are unfortunate incidents

  50. Ignorance is bliss and many people including Lebanese people choose to live that way.

    It's like a vicious cycle.

    Many Americans & Europeans discriminate against Arabs.

    And yet many Arabs discriminate against people of African descent, etc.

    While us Lebanese discriminate against Sri Lankans, Filipinos, Syrians, Ethiopians, etc.

    If racism exists in "civilized" countries like the U.S., it's no surprise it exists in "third world" countries too.

  51. I Wrote about racism in Lebanon!
    it is ugly! and Un human

  52. Dear people of Lebanon, and beloved slaves. We do not judge you by the color. I come here to tell you a famous Lebanese saying that we all say "Man 7afara 7ofratan li akhihi...wakka3 fiha!" And for a country to call it's products sif el 3abed AND ras el 3abed. we are ashames. 3anjed guys. Sorry S. So if i dig a black hole for my white brother i will fall and no one will see me. And once you go black you never come back.

  53. Sad to see people like that exist and breath, but they are all over the world infecting us like a plague. Funny (not really) thing is that Lebanon was once a people of beautiful brown skin, before the French imperialist colonists bleached a nation unrecognizable of its origin. And now someone has the audacity to deny there past, I sit here ashamed, and hope the BIG bounced and BIGGER owner can look in the mirror and still see MEN!

  54. Respect to the writer..But hun not all people in LEBANON are racist and no don't tell me your hiding behind ur fingers..RACISM still exist in the United States and everywhere..Ma tsobbe el 7i2ed taba3ik 3al balad killo..get out more w brome bi kil zewye bl balad abl ma thejme baladik min wara computrik bi baytik..sa7ib el night wl manager wl bouncer el ma fawwatoun 7ayawenet..bass ya bint ma bta3rif ger b kalimeta thejim, hal chi ma ma3neto inno 4 000 000 lbnene 3onsore!!

  55. Disgusting...

    Bilal I love your idea, let's go with stickers instead cuz they're harder to take off.

  56. To Anonymous of August 21 at 5:10 pm

    1- Thanks for starting with the word "hun" :) shows you're not hear to piss me off
    2- Of course not all people in Lebanon are racist, but most :) and I stand by what I say, and I am willing to go and do statistics. We stereotype and we do it hard
    3- Yes, even people in the US and everywhere are racist, but as I said before, if they have an ugly thing abroad, does it give us the right to act ugly as well?
    4- Ana 3am hejim min wara computre? shou baddak yeneh a3moul? This is my blog, I reflect what I see, and I try to change on the ground when I can, but the latter you will not be able to know because you don't know me :)
    5- You did the same with your comment.. hejamet min computrak
    6- Ana hayda manno 7e2ed, hayda bil nisbe ele disappointment.. inno shou khas el 7e2ed wil sab el ahwe bil mawdou3?
    7- Thanks for your comment :)

  57. bile tisterkoun sater ya shabeeb instead of talking about racism rouho choufo chi djeje laaboula be fkhada lebanon used to be an amazing country and now it's one of the ugliest countries in the word instead of crying because beiruf didnt let a friend of yours to go in go and do a mouzahara for a better way of living for electricity for water for elections for stoping the concrete invasion for the mjarir that you are swiming in for the minimum wadge for the your stupid politician that r stealing you on hour basis and stop calling your self open minded you still need 10000000000000000 years to reach it and im sure that 70% from the S friends on the table were ashamed because they had a black person with them e and your saying aam titkhabo wara your finger and your not seing everything around now you proved to me that you r lebanese and that we will never have an amazing country again because we r stupid and we never fix what should be fixed we only take care of our image and prestige and never our country sweet dreams ya helween fakro fiya w yalla show who's the first racist that gonna reply on me and tell me that im not open minded and ignorant and dont like lebanon and that i should not be alive w alla ywafikoun kilkoun and hope not to see you in lebanon again enjoy :-))))))))))))))))))

  58. now i know who's racist and who's not i wrote a post and it didnt appear because it's not what you want to hear and your calling your self open minded and you want a better way of thinking while you dont want to hear everybody's opinion enjoy your life

  59. Anonymous lol, I have an automatic policy which requires that I approve comments on posts that have been published more than a month ago :)


    W hayda your opinion. :) next time, please comment with your real name :)

  60. Lebanon is a shithole filled with dirty Arabs that hopefully Israel will annihilate. This is another example why Arabs should not be trusted they are dogs.

  61. That really pisses me off when they think they're better than someone just because that person is black. What about most saudi arabian people, most of them are considered black, how come they don't discriminate against them or treat them differently? ($$$$$$$ MONEY $$$$$$$= maybe that's the answer?)

    But, I think the reason why they do that is because usually the black people in Lebanon take on jobs as maids or other low-paying jobs, and so the Lebanese people have got this ideology that if a person is black automatically he/she is inferior and so we should not pay them any attention, rather we give them the orders and they should listen.

    I'm not defending them, I'm just stating their perspective anthropologically.