Thursday, July 08, 2010

About Octavia Nasr's leaving CNN

I have to admit I am not quite sure about how I feel concerning Fadlallah's death. And in continuation to a post I wrote this morning about the fuss that some political sides made about Octavia Nasr's tweet (message on twitter) mourning Fadlallah's death, I have to regretfully share with you that Octavia Nasr will no longer be with CNN, after being with them for 20 years.

Because apparently her position as senior editor for middle eastern affairs had been "compromised"

Yes, a fate of a news reporter has been decided based on a tweet, a message or a text that is less than 140 characters. Even though Octavia explained the reasons behind her tweet and elaborated more on Fadlallah and how she respects "certain" aspects of what he did but definitely not a supporter, apparently the deed was done, and she was not forgiven.

I am truly sad, and shocked to see someone as competent as Octavia, leave a job she loves after she had put so much in it, after building a name for herself.. all because of a tweet.

This is harsh.. truly harsh.. Octavia, I am really sorry to hear something this outrageous happen with you. But I am more sorry to see CNN succumb to the pressure, one small mistake, one tweet and this is what happens? I've seen journalists and news anchors make MUCH bigger mistakes as Jillian C. York ponders here, how come they still have their jobs?

This is definitely a world full of prejudice and hatred... this is truly a sad and disappointing day.

ما بيوقع إلا الشاطر. You shall emerge strong again. You got us all Lebanese twittersphere behind you. #justsayin. We love you.


  1. It is really sad to hear this...
    I mean to let someone go after 20 years of amazing work and dedication is just a huge mistake!!

  2. This is really frustrating. I do not understand how an organization such as CNN, could not understand the Middle Eastern mix, and further succumbed in its ignorance to stoop to this level.

    As you said, Octavia is an amazing person, and she will definitely brazen this out and find an occupation where she is more respected and supported.

  3. I'm very disappointed that they have decided to act this way as well. I understand that her tweet had some bad reactions from the general public or zionist lobbyists, but expected CNN to be more professional and respect her freedom of thought and expression. The fact that this is a media outlet that acted this way makes it much worse, because they are the ones who should at least claim to respect freedoms of opinion.

    If anything, it is their loss. I think Octavia is brilliant and will definitely shine elsewhere.

  4. It is a shame what happend to Ms Nasr, but then again she did admit to her mistake (and according to me it sure was). This has nothing to do with Zionism. I would have taken offence if one of my employees was praising the person who brutally murdered my fellow countrymen. That is how I take it, nothing more and nothing less, as stupid as this actually is.

  5. It is always sad to see someone loose their job over one lapse of judgement, but I am sure Octavia will have no difficulty finding another role soon.

    The issue that astounds me, though, is the sheer number of fellow Lebanese who are "saddened", "respect" or "have mixed feelings" about Fadlallah's death. The man was a criminal. Period. Yes, he made a few modest gestures in favour women's rights. But is this enough to atone for his long record of murder?

    Take a moment to think of all the Lebanese who were killed or kidnapped by the "Islamic Jihad" and Hizballah. Think of their families. Think of the livelihoods that were ruined by this man. It's a scandal some people are mourning him. It's a scandal that some people respect him.


  6. Anonymous, the reason why I have mixed feelings.. or more like am not sure where I stand is because I really know nothing of the man.. thus the neutrality.

    Other than that everyone, true... She will surely find something else and better.

    Thanks everyone for your comments, different point of views are always appreciated, respect while stating is what matters the most.

  7. ufff :s tht's a real loss for the middle-east cause she was a standing voice, very useful nd sooo professional. i'm really disappointed of it and kinda sad. she has been sacrified by these untolerant people but i'm sure she'll rebound elsewhere, tht's all i hope for her!

  8. Hey Lil, just read this for the first time; thanks for writing it. We didn't know each other well back then :) I remember the confusion on so many faces. Wondering what you all saw in mine??!! Hope you'll tell me IN PERSON soon.