Wednesday, July 28, 2010

4 years and counting

Early days of Independence05
For my early readers, you probably remember how this blog started. If not, just look at this date "28 July 2006". Yep exactly, it started during the July 2006 war, I had a lot to say, and I had many guest bloggers including Pascal Assaf, and thus the blog.

After the political posts, rooting dissing, getting pissed off... I simply ended up learning nothing and changing nothing. With time, I felt like I was drawn more into writing about Lebanon, socially, culturally, sarcastically and this is how Independence05, as you know it now, was born.

Interesting people I met
I met very interesting people because of this blog, I met with many journalists, activists, Lebanese expats, PhD students who came to Lebanon, and who wanted to understand more about "Lebanese bloggers" or simply wanted our help in being the voice for a certain cause. So definitely, this blog (even though it's not much) is one of the proudest things I have done with my life.

Readers, if you don't exist, this blog wouldn't
I really, really... really!!! yes I stress on "really".. want to thank you readers, the early ones who disappeared once the political posts disappeared, the Lebanese expats who enjoyed feeling close to home because of my blog (their words I swear) and the new ones especially coming from my twitter world (you guys rock) and most recently facebook (family, colleagues, neighbors..) which really means a lot to me, and definitely the consistent ones, who were there since the beginning and never left.

I really write for you, and I love hearing your feedback and comments, this is what generally makes my days, you. I learn from you, I don't post to post, I post to hear what you have to say.

4 years
4 years dears, and counting :) I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I love posting in it.


  1. I am one of your early readers who disappeared, and once I met you on twitter, the link and title rang a bell and came back to me!

    Congrats. You know how to make things interesting which is how you were able to keep it up. :) Happy birthday, independence05!

  2. Happy Anniversary :-) Wow! 4 years. That's amazing.

  3. Mabrouk Dear :) We are all eagerly awaiting the renaming :)

  4. Happy anniversary Independance 05, and good work miss distinguée... Keep walking, uhh, talking uhhh, i mean posting :P.

  5. Mabrouk! why don't you keep this blog for political readers and make another one ? so u keep your old readers?

  6. Thanks everyone :D

    Joe, I no longer write politics anyway so :)

  7. always for the better ... great work ! and many more years to come .

  8. 3a2bel l 100 or at lest l 50 (for the blog)

    Ozzi, you always have something interesting to talk about. keep the good work up.

  9. Congrats on the four years!!

    Just one point; you say " I simply ended up learning nothing and changing nothing." Did you not learn that the Lebanese politicians are all liars across the spectrum and that the salvation of Lebanon will be secularism and a people's revolution M14 against these warlords and their external master?! I guess that's what I learnt! :)

    Happy four years and to many more!

  10. Congrats Lilooo!!!! You inspire us all!

  11. Happy birthday Independence '05!! :)
    I'm one of the first readers of this blog, and you've been doing a great job since day 1! Wishing you all the best in the coming years.

  12. Thanks, truly appreciate your support guys :)

    Tarek, actually you're right, that is probably the only thing I learned hehe!

    Rami, didn't know you're one of the "Early" adopters :) so yey :D

    Jim, Dani, Arch, Chanty, Soha.. thank you for your kind words :)

  13. Mabrouk :)
    you reminded me that i used to post about politics!!!