Thursday, June 24, 2010

You know you're in love & acting like a douchebag when:

Let me kick it off for you:

1- You, the person who's so smart and educated with such a light sense
of humor.. act like a douchebag
2- Your answer to questions such as "Sahtein" is "I'm good, you?"
3- The other person asks you out, and you say something like: "What do
you want to call our kids?"
4- You stalk them: on facebook, check their wallposts, on twitter, on
linkedin, on foursquare, on their blogs, google their name, google
their gramma's name...

What else?


  1. 5- When you know they're online, you keep refreshing your Twitter or Facebook homepage to see if they posted anything new.

    6- You know the names to all the opposite sex friends they have in their lists :)

  2. 7. You bombard them with SMS, DMS, BBM, FB messages and any other means
    8. You only talk about him/her with your friends
    9. You start thinking of baby names... :-)

  3. 10. Putting their name or birthday as your password

  4. 11. Use their photo as your mobile wallpaper
    12. Ditch your friends to be with him/her
    13. Spend most of your paycheck for a birthday gift

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  6. ooooohhh lala...somebody in love eh? Hey...being a douchebag is cute! well in doses..haha

  7. lol
    ok so i've done most of these things...
    Been a douchebag too...
    Here are some more:
    14. When your phone rings and u immediately think it's him/her!
    15. You just can't think of kissing anyone else. Sleeping with anyone else. Being with anyone else.
    16. When you break up, you don't wanna eat. You can't walk. You can't talk. You just wanna be in bed. But you can't sleep...

  8. Lol @ thisisbeirut.. Nooo :P but it just occurred to me how much of douchebags we make of ourselves when we have a crush! hehe

    Thanks for the comments everyone, they're so True!

  9. You automatically update your Facebook profile picture with a picture of the both of you :)

  10. 17. betfatchi 3leh b kil l mahalet li bta3rfi ino mawjud fiha ta bas tchufi u pretend ina sodfi
    18. chu ma khabas ma3ik betle2ilo 3ezer
    19. u keep checking ur phone like a stupid "barki da2 w ma ntabahet"
    20. u read and re-read all z msgs he sent marra w tnen w tleti w arb3a

    HABAL 3al ekhir ya3ni :)

  11. Soha! haha omg so true hehe kenet nesyetoun! Very good points :D w #18 is the most dangerous :(

  12. hehe ba3ed iza badna niktob ma mnikhlas bas stahet 3a hali !!!!
    ma hkina kif kil chway bit3idi nafs l suwar 3al facebook wala kif bitdali tes2ali ref2atik iza chefou aw hikyou aw lamahou bchi mahal!!!

  13. 21.All the roads take you to the streets where he lives or works, and once you are there you look around while driving, in all directions, in the rear and front mirrors, just hoping to have a glance of him (which never happens actually!)...
    @soha: this is more than habal lol

  14. 22. ur head hurts when you know they have a headache
    23. u try ur best to start a conversation with them, but u end up starting a stupid one, wishing u never did

  15. haha Jinan, I thought I was the only one who did that :P lmao...

    We are douchebags aren't we..

    dodosays, #23 is so true :)