Friday, June 11, 2010

WorldCup and Social Media in Lebanon

World Cup 2010
So World Cup South Africa 2010 opening ceremony was yesterday, and today the first game will take place.

I already posted photos of how the Lebanese are "feeling" the world cup fever, and then how most ads are milking the World Cup for their own good.

A bit too obsessed with the World Cup?
I saw this today, found it very funny and disturbing as how will the guy see what's behind him when driving? Safe driving indeed ;) - Oh there are Brazil small flags on this huge ball!

Ziad Rahbani, Lebanese people and Almaza
In addition, you probably saw Ziad Rahbani's new commercial on Almaza, which I found hilarious, because it's very true. The thing is, you won't see a car on the streets during important games in Lebanon, people will be gathered in restaurants or pubs and mostly in houses, in front of TVs with beers in their hands (Almaza mostly - the Lebanese beer) and chips and crackers!

Companies and Social Media
What I am loving is more and more corporates are joining in the Social Media fun, they realize online people are online most of the time, and they're giving us importance.

Almaza is online!
So Almaza (who has been advertising also on twitter) joined in and created a Facebook game called Ihtiyat (main subject of the commercial).

Zaatar w Zeit is pretty much online too
Zaatar w Zeit, has a twitter account, and has been sharing pictures that are the same as the billboard ads displayed on huge building walls in Lebanon, with a lot of word play between the country's accent or specialty and the food at ZWZ.

Fun stuff we do on Twitter
Moreover yesterday on Twitter, the Lebanese twitter scene has something called #ThemeThursday or #THTH which is organized by the #maniachi team, meaning tweeps (twitter users) change their avatar into a picture that reflects the theme of that same Thursday. And yesterday the theme was WorldCup! So people were changing their avatars into their favorite country flag.

Twitter knows what it's doing
And finally, the nice surprise was that Twitter included a very nice feature especially for the World Cup, where people can click on the Country's Flag or the WorldCup ball and follow up on the live tweets that are happening at that same moment.

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  1. The german flag in the Zaatar w Zeit ad is upside down!