Friday, June 11, 2010

Typical Lebanese

So I am trying to compile a list of "behavioral" description of the typical Lebanese. Care to help?

I will kick it off:
1- The Lebanese person knows everything, any topic opened, he/she has as a say about it
2- Tells you what to do, while he/she doesn't do it him/herself

Next? :)


  1. 4- When in Lebanon: K**s ekht hal balad.
    After 1 year abroad: K**s ekht el gherbeh.

  2. 3- thinks he is always right and everybody else is wrong

    4- even when a lebanese eats at a SELF-service diner, he waits for someone to bring his food and to clean the table after him.

    5- his car is more expensive than his own house!!

  3. She is ready to go fully dressed, full makeup wit high heels to 8am class..

  4. - Never ever ever ever says "ma ba3ref"
    - The closest he will ever come to ma ba3ref when giving you directions is saying " wein alouloulak" or "kif dallouk"
    - Lives in debt always and overspends
    - Lives to show off
    - Loves to discuss politics and make jokes of different religious sects

  5. You've opened a can of worms.

    Blames Israel when getting bad marks in university instead of going to Gemeyzeh every night to the plastic, superficial bars there.

  6. Claims to speak three languages but speaks none of them well enough to pass a proficiency test.

  7. Manners in general and driving manners in particular. Non existent in the Lebanese culture.

    Every time someone's fart smells funny, blame Israel.

    Every time someone has bad breath, blame Syria.

  8. Savoir vivre?? ca veut dire quoi?

  9. best driver 2alla khala2o 3al 2ared!!!

  10. oh this one's good: very open minded but don't even think about criticizing his religious or political views!!!

  11. we're not arabs!! we're freekin phoenecians!! and yet we speak... oups: arabic!

  12. -obnoxious
    -they fight among each others pretexting on difference with who has the better belief in imaginary friends.(yeah religion for the thick heads)
    -Selfish to the max
    -Blame everyone except self
    -Sexually repressed
    -Potential murderers (driving, smoking in your face)
    -the list goes on.
    I am avoiding them at all cost in Montreal.
    When you walk in the streets when you hear loud noises and obnoxious behavior be sure its most of the time coming from a lebanese group.

  13. Don't forget: always brags about the ability to swim and ski in the SAME day (quinze minutes sharafe)

  14. -does business in a shady way
    -very poor communicator
    -king of wasayit wo ma7soobiyyet
    -lamma ken mami aletlo "inta zake ya mama"..bass bi 7ayeto ma sadda2a

  15. lives with his/her parents until marriage or the age of 35

  16. Speaks English with a Bostonian accent

    Has no sense of civic duties

    "Allo, bonjour... Bonjoureyn"

    "Tank you la ilak"

    Total disregard to the environment

    Hates all politicians, yet follows his sectarian Za3im during elections

    Has a very selective memory

    Always has some half baked excuse for all of his shortcomings and failures (Mainly the war, the government...etc)

    A jack of all trades but master of none.

    But Also.....



    Debrouillard (especially in bending laws)

    Family oriented



    Wishing you all a very nice week end in this land of milk and Honey :)

  17. reading this, I feel ashamed to be called Lebanese!! People chou bekon?? nothing positive?? anything?
    I know that maybe this is reality for most of Lebanese people but u r not making it any better by making fun of it!!

  18. Thanks everyone for your comments. This is turning out to be hilarious (a bit harsh in some places, but in general very funny)

    Marie, hehe this shouldn't upset you, the Lebanese person has a lot of things that does put him/her in the "typical" case. However, he/she also has a lot of great traits, and we all know it :) But it doesn't hurt to self-criticize at one point in an exaggerate way, maybe this way we can improve some things about us.

  19. He 'sinks' he's got a good English accent but when he says 'somesing', it sounds like <-- THIS

  20. From an outsider's perspective let's see
    1. Always miss calls you so that he/she doesn't have to waste his units
    2. Never shows up on time (yes, I'm a sucker for punctuality)
    3. Never follows through on appointments or get together's.
    4. Prone to gossiping and talking BS even about his/her best friend
    5. To build on the whole, living with your parents until your 35 thing:
    -Having your mother make you lunch in little tupperwares, of even worse, delivering lunch fresh to your office EVERYDAY
    6. Staying unemployed because having a job is "beneath you"
    7. How every male between the age of 25-35 is a self proclaimed entrepreneur who spends more money hosting events than he will ever make.
    8. Friends who hang out with you only when you are going to "classy places" even though you end up paying for them..

    LOL. Don't get me wrong, I really do love it here..but some of these things,,REALLLLLLY? Wow.

  21. typical lebanese....hmmmm....during "working hours" , while browsing "facebook" for typical lebanese status changes , comes up with an (this) idea, uploads it to "blogger" via "gmail" , promotes it via "twitter" , then naggs about not having enough time to do anythins on "msn" ! :P

  22. JOEBOX indeed!

    add masar wsho masar bedalak bl2alb ya aghla watan <3

  23. I won't retype it all so I'll just copy paste this here >>>