Monday, June 14, 2010

Stop the new Lebanese Internet Law

Breaking News: Word on the virtual street is that the law has been postponed for a month.

There is a new internet (ICT and e-transactions) ESSA law that is might highly be passed soon in Lebanon. This law doesn't protect the internet users. And this law, might end up being like most laws in Lebanon, a gate to corruption, to sectarianism and to embezzlement.

Stop This Law! We are the internet users now and we should have a law that allows big corporate companies not be afraid to have a branch in Lebanon, thus creating a lot of job opportunities and allowing Lebanon to become a hub and a pioneer in internet business.

But alas, Lebanon once again, might really succumb to money and greed. More about it by head of PCA, Gabriel Deek speaks about the major "bad" points in that law in this post.

You can watch a video aired on LBC on Sunday about that matter here.

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Updated: Here are some articles of this law translated into English, thanks to SMEX Beirut.

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Daily Star's article on the 2002 law that considers VoIP as illegal, they decided to start enforcing this law recently.

Ya Libnan's article here.

P.S. Do not confuse the ESSA law (the bill that might pass today) with the VoIP Law already signed years ago.


  1. Shame on our dinosaur politicians and their mismanagement of the country!

  2. Congrats all of you who participated in this page.
    This is very comprehensive and the nazzi image with
    the Lebanese uniform is very very funny.
    However there is something a little bit excessive that
    might be a drawback on all of us and we need to be more precise
    about it.
    It is the question of internet users protection.
    Actually the law protects users/consumers very well. It is the businesses that are
    not properly protected.
    On the other hand this is the E-Transactions Law and not the Internet Law or Ict Law. I made personnaly a Big mistake when I called ICT Law in the first place.
    Now it is the time to work on a replacement. I invite you all
    to join efforts with us to come up with something that will make us proud a give hope in bright future for the country.

    protects the users

  3. Thanks gabriel for your comment, I will re-write a new post clarifying what we are dealing with at this point. Good luck and we're here to help.