Tuesday, June 08, 2010

So what's with the durex ad in the morning?

In the morning, I usually tune in my radio to NRJ, especially that now Nicksy has been hosting it after it has been idle for a while. But, it's been almost a week, they're playing the Durex - Play longer ad.

The first time I heard it, I thought they were trying to make it kinky and then it might turn out to be a Scrabble/Social game ad or something. But no, it turns out to be a Durex - Play longer, for men.

My first reaction was: "Why in the morning?"

Possible responses:
- Make men immediately regret not having used a play longer service by Durex the night before
- Make women immediately realize that their partner play... for a short while only and then have an exceptional PMS for the whole day.
- Kids, realizing that their parents will be available the whole time because they just don't play longer and they have time for them.

Whaaa'? Yes, at 8 am, many kids are up and listening to the radios, especially now with the official exams, most of them are home and studying! (or pretending to study).

Anyway, your thoughts? Should we have such ads in the morning? Or on the radio in general? Is Lebanon becoming too open? Or do you consider such thing normal?

Well father's day is soon, so we might as well wish a Happy Father's day from Durex!


  1. There's no clear law about this in our media, what's the law? is there a code for this? i.e rated R programs should not be shown between this time and that? is there a rating system? what's appropriate to see and what's not? who decides? !! also our media is very moody, for example it's a big problem to say a dirty joke we all know and say on TV on an adult night show but it's not a big problem to let your kid hear a woman moaning on radio asking for more while the kid is eating his man'ousheh at the morning! I'm not against ads about adult products or adult TV shows, I'm even against censorship! We just need to be more organized like other countries and make a rating system for media, and be a bit mature.. honestly, even me, found it offending to air such thing at morning, I just switch it to another station and say "الصبح لك يا الله"... Maybe "Bkerki" and "Dar Fatwa" should listen to more radio, they r the only authorities that controlling the media UNFORTUNATELY & SADLY!

  2. That happy father's day ad you've got there is damn clever!

  3. I am against such adds being broadcasted anytime between 6 Am and 9 Pm, same with vulgar TV programs such as LOL being re transmitted in the morning and in the afternoon. Lebanon has lost all its culture, the only culture this new generation of ours knows is that of Haifa and bouss al wawa. Sad indeed.

  4. I have to agree..there needs to be some sort of legislation governing these ads..to me they are similar to the women in their lingerie plastered on billboards all over the highway..never before have I been somewhere where this type of media as acceptable, not even in liberal MIAMI..Lebanon truly is a country of contrasts!

    I agree with "wuuds" in that the ad is damn clever..brilliant in fact, but..it is a print ad, likely found in a magazine with a readership that is 1. mature enough to know what durex is, and 2. able to decipher the meaning of the ad..and yet it is a lot less suggestive than the Durex ad on the radio, which is broadcasted to a variety of age groups!!

    and at 8 am in the morning? No really..wtf..

  5. Danielle thanks a lot for your input, because I really wanted to know if abroad they display these kind of ads (radio or billboards) exposed to all age groups.

  6. Lebanese People like us *Figure of speech cause sadly i'm part of it* are socially retarded and un-educated Horny idiots...whether it's in the morning, n00n or at night, and if we don't get our 'sex' fed to our brains, or else we'll start beating each other up
    i'm certainly not shocked that this comes out...