Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sharing is caring

"Share the knowledge not to brag, yet to get something back"

This is actually a quote I came up with several years ago, I know it sounds a bit weird, but I think the message it conveys is clear and a good one. This is probably my favorite motto in life. I tell you something I know, you tell me something you know, and then we both end up knowing one more thing. There's a french proverb: "Je dormirai moins bête ce soir"

Anyway, the emotional post here is mainly due to two things:
1- The recent popularity of social media in Lebanon, in my honest opinion, is encouraging more relationships to be built, more sharing, more bartering, more deals, more giving..
2- Yesterday afternoon, I got a message from an old school friend telling me to give him my password for my Blog's dashboard. So I did, when I came back at night I found this surprise waiting for me:

Isn't that awesome? Now has a new design & layout, thanks to great friends who prefer to stay incognito for now. You like it? Any other suggestions?

Sharing is caring.. that's what I always say.. especially when my colleagues at work bring good food with them to work.


  1. Thank you thank you! *bows* hehe :)

  2. Awesome blog...Love your work guys.

    I found you guys via Yalla keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks Charbel, glad you like the blog :)

  4. U must be busy with lots of other stuff but ur doin a gr8 job on "Lebanon Aggregator", Liliane!
    Keep it Up!
    Keep sharing :)