Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Freedom of Expression, if you go down, we go down with you

As most posts and articles are starting with "Dear Mr. President", I would like to start mine with: "Dear Lebanon"

Dear Lebanon,

While I praised Lebanon when March 18 campaign took place, that we had freedom of speech, that us Lebanese don't suffer from oppression and ad-hoc arrests for expressing our mind, I recently read on several websites that 3 (so far) young men have been arrested for allegedly insulting the Lebanese president, moreover saw many "print screens" of the alleged insults (which to me appeared as far from insults and threatening), maybe I missed the ones who were insults? Any proof? No, because all the facebook wall posts from the President's page have been deleted.

We had said and we repeat, it is the Internet era, things cannot be hidden, once it's out, it's out!

I truly hope, Dear Lebanon, that we are not deprived from Freedom of Speech, the one thing I prided myself with, that Lebanon had.

Please don't take our Freedom of Expression away from us, or else, the lack of it, will take us away from Lebanon.

"3oushtoum w 3asha Loubnan"

You can read here an amazing article by Jean Aziz on Al-Akhbar

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