Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fireworks, Firing Arms and Stupidity... to be banned please

Okay we like to celebrate
We Lebanese love to celebrate. I get it. It's fun. We come to this life once. We want to make the best of it. But there is a limit for everything.

Taking it to the streets?
I was watching the Brazil vs Chile game in a pub yesterday, and when the game finished, all Brazil fans ran into the streets, in their cars, with their horns, many convoys, honking, screaming, it was chaos. And the night before, same thing happened with Germany fans and Argentina fans.

Feeling part of the World Cup
I understand that many of us, including myself, support a country in world cup. As I had specified before, it is most probably because the Lebanese Team never qualifies. We need to feel like we are part of the biggest sporting event in the world that only happens once every four years.

But why? Please someone explain it to me
But to actually take it to the streets like that and it's not even the finals is just plain ridiculous. Please tell me, do you do it? And why? I am not getting it. I am really trying to comprehend the psychological reasons of why we do something like that in such an exaggerated manner, but it remains beyond me.

Fireworks & Firing arms, is STUPID
What about Fireworks? Just when the team scores, you hear fireworks that startle us every time! Same goes for Fireworks and firing arms in weddings. This way of celebration is STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! And is spreading from weddings to world cup games to everything...

Fireworks after 12am are merely ANNOYING, we want to sleep, and you are stepping on our freedom!

1- You are not the first or last person to get married
2- When Kaka or Klose score, they don't give a slight care about us Lebanese celebrating them and spending our money on it.

Lebanese Government, Please do something about it
To the Lebanese Government: PLEASE BAN AND ARREST THOSE PEOPLE! Moreover some people are dying because of the stupid reaction they manifest when they have a gun on them thinking they can rule the world.

That is an emotional post par excellence, you have to excuse me, but this has been really getting on my nerves lately.

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  1. Thank you... This needs to go public... like official...

  2. When I left work the other day, around 7 or so, I forget which game had just finished, my friends took care to walk under the shelter of the buildings. When I asked why, they said because they didn't want any bullets falling on their heads! This is absolute nonsense! I really am shocked that things like this go on unpunished, unnoticed by the authorities..Something really needs to be done..

  3. We cannot ban stupidity! It is our national Passtime.

  4. Lol Ano

    ThisIsBeirut: yep.. "rsasa taysheh" that's what we call em

    Sam, yeah doesn't it?